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Murder at the Reims University Hospital: “gentle”, “appreciated by all”, “always smiling”… who was Carène Mezino, the stabbed nurse?



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Carène Mezino, 38, was fatally stabbed on Monday May 22 at the Reims University Hospital. Portrait of a model nurse, whose death arouses great emotion.

Carène Mezino, 38, had worked for ten years in the occupational medicine and health unit of the Reims University Hospital, alongside a 56-year-old medical secretary – herself seriously injured during the attack on knife of this Monday, May 22. “She always had a smile, she knew how to comfort and be full of empathy. She was very sweet and very appreciated by everyone. She was a very small, good woman and a real ball of energy and sweetness”, reacts an employee of the Reims University Hospital, in The unionspeaking of a “super-colleague”.

“She was the joy of living”

Mother of two children, Carène Mezino lived in Ville-en-Tardenois, about thirty minutes from Reims, indicates France 3 Grand Est. Our colleagues went to Champlat-et-Boujacourt, a town not far from there, where the state-certified nurse grew up. “I spent my childhood with her. We are in a small village, everyone knows each other. We saw her regularly, she participated in the life of the village”, testifies a friend of Carène Mezino.

“She was the joy of living, always smiling, ready to party with her family, her friends, the people of the village”, indicates another resident, who pays tribute to her on Facebook.

“She spent her life serving others”

The mayor of Champlat-et-Boujacourt also knew her. “She was a village child, always smiling, pleasant. She always took part in all the activities. She came regularly to see her mother who is retired in the village. I still see her with her children in the shops. We chatted for five minutes every time we saw each other. I ran into her two or three days ago, she waved at me from afar with a big smile. We never could have imagined that, not like That.”.

“She spent her life in the service of others,” summed up the director general of the CHU de Reims during the tribute which was paid to Carène Mezino, this Tuesday, May 23.

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