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Murder at the Reims University Hospital: a minute of silence observed at the Auch hospital



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As everywhere in France, a minute of silence was observed this Wednesday noon at the Auch hospital center, in tribute to the Reims nurse killed by an unbalanced Monday in Reims.

The memory of Carène Mezino, the Reims nurse killed by an unbalanced Monday, was honored at Auch hospital, this Wednesday at noon, as everywhere in France in hospital structures. Staff and management were accompanied in this tribute by the prefect of the Gers, Xavier Brunetière, and the director of the Gers ARS, Didier-Pier Florentin.

“A tragedy like this can happen anywhere”

“Such a tragedy can happen anywhere,” says the director, Sylvie Lacarrière. At the hospital, we sometimes have patients or people who get upset, at reception or in the emergency room, because they find that things are not moving fast enough…” In general, the facts remain at the stage of shouting and aggressive incivility, and do not cross the threshold of physical attacks. “We need to talk about these issues of violence again, and put in place protocols so that staff adopt the right attitude and the right measures in the face of aggressiveness. »

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In the medium term, the idea is to offer training to teach hospital staff how to respond to such situations. “We will certainly talk about it again during the next health, safety and working conditions committee (CHSCT). But it remains very difficult to anticipate very specific cases like this. »

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