Montricoux. Commitment of the town hall in a territory diagnosis

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Written by Doug Hampton

The town hall of Montricoux is engaged in a diagnosis of the territory, with the support of the social center of Monclar-de-Quercy. In a continuous effort to improve the quality of life of its citizens and to develop its territory harmoniously, the town hall of Montricoux recently announced the establishment of a territory diagnosis. This initiative will be carried out in close collaboration with the Rural Families social center of Monclar-de-Quercy, an association of the territory committed to the animation of social life. The territory diagnosis is a crucial step in understanding the challenges and specific needs of the municipality. It will allow the municipality to identify current and potential problems, assess available resources and define concrete objectives. The social center, with its experience and expertise in the field of local social development, will provide valuable support throughout the process. This diagnosis of the territory will make it possible to meet the expectations and ideas of the inhabitants, associations, local businesses and all the parties concerned. Meetings, surveys and public consultations will be organized to guarantee the active participation of the population in the development of this project. Once the diagnosis has been established, the town hall of Montricoux and the social center of Monclar-de-Quercy will work together to draw up a strategic action plan. This plan will aim to implement the recommendations and projects identified in order to meet the priority needs of the population. The town hall of Montricoux therefore invites all citizens to get involved in this territory diagnosis process until the end of June and to give the best possible welcome to people who wear a badge designating them as belonging to the Rural Families social center.

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