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Momcozy Brings the Latest Breast Pump and Massager Innovations to FIME 2023 in Miami, Empowering Moms Everywhere



MIAMI, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Momcozy, the renowned maternity and baby brand endorsed by over two million moms globally, has showcased its latest wearable breast pumps and massagers at the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) from June 21 to June 23.

FIME is the premier medical trade expo and digital platform in the Americas, providing a comprehensive platform for businesses to find new products, establish supplier partnerships, gain knowledge, and strengthen ties with the global medical device and equipment market. During the expo, attendees from all over the world visited Momcozy’s booth and showed great interest in the brand’s products, with Momcozy’s M5, S12 Pro, and S9 Pro wearable breast pumps and its 3-Mode Adjustable Kneading Lactation Massager being the star products of the booth.

The M5 wearable breast pump, in particular, received much positive feedback. The M5 features a unique baby mouth-shaped design with a precise angle of 105 degrees and a soft silicone flange. This design mimics the baby’s suckling position, reducing the risk of nipple pain and discomfort, and ensuring a comfortable pumping experience.

Furthermore, the M5 breast pump has an exclusive vibration suction mode that helps stimulate milk flow and enhance the pumping experience. The suction and vibration modes work simultaneously to provide fast and efficient milk extraction, allowing moms to pump quickly and comfortably.

Momcozy’s M5 breast pump is not only comfortable to use, but it also has a lightweight and compact design that makes it easy to transport in a purse or bag. Weighing only 230g (single pump), it’s especially convenient for working moms who need to bring the pump with them while on the go or at work.

Moreover, the M5 breast pump comes with a hard-shell storage bag, available in four trendy colors, that’s perfect for busy moms who are always on the move. The M5 set is inclusive of two breast pumps and all the necessary accessories, such as different sizes of flanges, allowing moms to start using the breast pump as soon as they receive it.

Momcozy’s S12 Pro and S9 Pro breast pumps and its massager products were also highlighted at FIME 2023. The S12 Pro boasts double-sealed flanges for enhanced comfort and convenience and has been a top-seller in Amazon North America’s Electric Breast Pumps category. Meanwhile, the S9 Pro is known for having the longest battery life of any breast pump.

Momcozy’s 3-Mode Adjustable Kneading Lactation Massager is a versatile tool that offers three different modes of operation. It is designed to integrate deep-shiatsu kneading massage balls with traditional ones, providing a more thorough massage that can effectively unplug milk ducts like a real massage therapist. This not only helps to empty the breasts during breastfeeding or pumping but also helps to relieve engorgement and prevent mastitis. With its hands-free design, moms can relax and enjoy the massage without any extra effort.

Momcozy is dedicated to providing top-quality products and services to mothers worldwide, as evidenced by its star products featured at FIME 2023. The brand’s unwavering commitment to product development has garnered recognition from over 2 million satisfied mothers. Momcozy has earned the top spot in Amazon’s mother and baby category, as well as being the leading seller in Amazon’s category sales for three consecutive years.

About Momcozy

Momcozy, the renowned maternity and baby brand endorsed by over two million moms globally, has always put moms on top. Through cozy designs born from love and continuous innovation, Momcozy brings a much simpler, more relaxed, and more comfortable experience for moms globally through their pregnancy and early motherhood.

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