Mohammed VI sick: what is sarcoidosis, the disease from which the king of Morocco suffers?

Home Mohammed VI sick: what is sarcoidosis, the disease from which the king of Morocco suffers?
Written by Doug Hampton

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The current leader of Morocco is affected by sarcoidosis. This disease of the immune system causes many disorders in the patient and progresses quickly in the body.

The King of Morocco Mohammed VI has made a public reappearance in recent days, on the occasion of the launch of the first Moroccan car brand. The sovereign appeared very thin. He actually suffers from an unusual disease: sarcoidosis. This non-contagious pathology still requires significant monitoring as it can progress quickly.

Sarcoidosis is an immune system disorder primarily affecting the lungs and lymph nodes. This disease can also affect other organs. explains that this disease inflames our cells which will alter the functions of the organs: eyes, heart, kidneys, joints, but most of the time it is the lungs that are most affected, as is the case for example for Mohamed VI. Symptoms present with respiratory pain, weight loss and fatigue.

One in two chance of healing spontaneously

Sarcoidosis has a one in two chance of curing itself spontaneously within three years, as detailed on the website of the Lyon civil hospices. The most serious cases can lead to “severe complications, especially when the heart or the nervous system are affected”.

Faced with this pathology, the main treatment is corticosteroid therapy over six to twelve months. This therapy requires regular monitoring with the application of corticosteroids, a hormone with anti-inflammatory properties. Secondary treatments can be used as immuno suppressors, limiting the action of the immune system, or immuno-modulators, blocking the defensive system of the human body.

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