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Written by Doug Hampton

Looking for Mike Tyson’s IM-21 reviews? Bodybuilders may benefit from using IM-21, a supplement made specifically for that purpose. Protein and amino acids come together to form this supplement, which is supposed to turn protein into muscle effectively.

Its components improve physical capacity. According to the literature, the IM-21 drink helps turn protein into muscle.

Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Reviews Is It Safe To Consume This Drink With Other Beverages?

Mike Tyson’s IM-21 reviews indicate that it provides significant muscle-building power with little energy expenditure. Converting protein into muscle is what it does.

Muscle-building aiding nutritional supplement. Protein and amino acids come together to form this supplement, which is supposed to turn protein into muscle effectively.

Its components improve physical capacity. According to the manufacturer, Mike Tyson’s IM-21 formula helps turn protein into muscle.

Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Reviews
Product NameIM-21
Health ConcernMuscle Growth
AimImprove muscular strength and endurance
Includes👉 IM-21 Burn
👉 IM-21 Build
Age RangeAdults
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
Results2-3 Months
Money-Back PolicyLifetime Moneyback
Price$69 per pack
AvailabilityOnly Through the Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is IM-21 By Mike Tyson?

IM-21 muscle strength drink supplies your body with the essential powerhouse elements required for developing muscles and burning fats, the supplement aims to activate your body’s development mode and usher you into your prime.

The IM-21 is a blend of two supplements—one a protein powder and the other a pre-workout—that work together to accomplish the following.

IM-21 Burn

Powdered IM-21 Burn helps you maintain a razor-sharp mental edge and superhuman physical might all day long and then some. Caffeine and its other potent components have been shown to increase performance all day. For optimal benefits, combine it with water and take it for one day.

IM-21 Burn

IM-21 Build

IM-21 Build is a powder that, when mixed with water, helps you get a better night’s rest and more rejuvenating sleep. It aids in facilitating quicker recuperation, development, and similar advantages. Creatine, caffeine, and calcium HMB, which promote energy and anabolism, are included, as are melatonin, valerian, and L-tryptophan, which assist sleep. Your body goes through a significant muscle-building process when you sleep, so it’s important to maintain your energy throughout the day and get enough rest at night.

IM-21 Build

How does Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Formula work?

There is a combination of different kinds of protein and amino acids in the IM-21 body-building supplement. Collectively, these components are a potent muscle-growth aid.

The IM-21 supplement’s amino acids work to improve muscular strength and endurance. Muscle growth might be aided by taking the im-21 supplement because of the protein it contains.

The IM-21 is in powdered form and orally administered it is best taken with food or a smoothie. This drink may be used once or twice daily.

In two to three weeks of using the IM-21 drink, you should begin to see an improvement.

What are the main ingredients inside IM-21 powder?

IM-21 Mike Tyson drink is a synergistic combination of strong substances that have been shown to promote fat loss and muscle growth.

IM-21 Mike Tyson’s ingredient, which he calls the iron matrix formula, is from reliable sources and promises that, will provide you and other users with remarkable results.

The following are some of the elements that make up IM-21 powder:

CreatineIt’s a proven and crucial aid to athletic performance. Extensive studies suggest that it is an effective muscle builder, and as a result, it is the world’s second best-selling supplement, just behind whey protein.
CordycepsA traditional Chinese medicinal component. It is a medicinal fungus that helps the body react more quickly to stress. IM-21’s research team states that the supplement’s cordyceps are responsible for its many beneficial effects, including regulating blood sugar, improving cellular energy (by targeting ATP generation), the enhancement of endurance, and the increase in energy.
GABAThe amino acid GABA is crucial to proper brain function. There are many GABA receptors in your brain, and taking a GABA-rich supplement like IM-21 may ensure that your brain gets enough GABA via your circulation.
Increased relaxation and quality sleep are benefits of having a sufficient supply of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain.
Mike Tyson’s IM-21 body build formula, which contains GABA, is designed to help you relax and have a good night’s sleep. Since most muscle growth and repair occur while you sleep, GABA is crucial in ensuring that your body reaps the possible advantages of this process.
ValerianBecause of its potent calming effects, this plant extract is often utilized in sleep aid products. It contains a high concentration of valerenic acid, which prevents GABA from being degraded in the brain. If you take it every night, you’ll get a better night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.
MelatoninOne of the active chemicals in IM-21 powder is melatonin, which is responsible for the supplement’s well-known sedative effects. The circadian rhythm governs the timing of melatonin production in the human body. When the latter is disturbed, the body’s natural production of melatonin is hindered, making it difficult to fall asleep.
Therefore, melatonin pills are often used by patients with sleep disorders. IM-21’s 3mg dosage of melatonin is enough to induce rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and deep sleep with no unpleasant side effects.
L-TryptophanIn general, this amino acid has a reputation for helping people unwind and get some shut-eye. Most of the diner’s drowsiness may be attributed to the main component in turkey. Typically, people utilize sleep aids to help them unwind and get some shut-eye.
HMBClinical research confirms Mike Tyson’s IM-21 drinks efficacy as a potent element for fostering the development and maintenance of extraordinary strength and muscular growth. According to the manufacturer’s website, “every gram of HMB counts” as a top anabolic ingredient.
D3 VitaminMuscle and bone development benefit from this element’s presence. Some research has shown that boosting your vitamin D consumption by only 20% may have a huge impact on your strength, especially when combined with HMB and creatine.
FructoseThe human body absorbs the sugar from fruits and stores it as glycogen. The latter is essential for muscular development, and absorption and retention are increased when taken with creatine.
GlycineOne of IM-21’s other key components, it gained fame as the first amino acid to be isolated. It’s ubiquitous in the body and crucial to muscular function and stamina.
Protease (Papain)The protease form of papain is found in IM-21. The latter is a protein-digesting enzyme that makes the proteins in the supplements simpler for the body to absorb, metabolize, and use. Particularly after taking a supplement, IM-21 is an excellent choice for those who suffer from gas and bloating.
L-GlutamineL-Glutamine is another amino acid found in high concentrations throughout the body. No matter how much stress your body is under, this supplement will help your muscles develop and function better.
TaurineIt’s another key IM-21 Mike Tyson ingredient that helps keep the body energized by keeping digestion in check. This is why you’ll find it in so many cocktails.
CaffeineCaffeine is widely used as a supplement because it reduces fat and increases energy. It’s a crucial ingredient in IM-21 since it keeps you alert and focused all day long.
L-PhenylalanineIt’s a necessary amino acid for peak physical and mental function. Unfortunately, unlike other important amino acids, the body cannot produce it on its own, thus it must be generated chemically. This amino acid may be found in foods that naturally contain it or in supplements like IM-21.
B VitaminsVitamins B2, B6, and B12 are all included in the IM-21 Mike Tyson drink. These vitamins are essential for maintaining normal levels of energy, digestion, and other metabolic activities.
Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Ingredients

One of the most potent natural antioxidants is included in IM-21, vitamin C. Like other antioxidants, it is also a fantastic immune system enhancer. Vitamin C from IM-21 has several benefits, including strengthening the immune system, accelerating healing after physical exertion, and alleviating skin problems.

Clinical & Scientific Evidence For IM-21 Supplement

We don’t know whether IM-21 Build and Burn are successful since they haven’t gone through enough testing.

  • However, both have scientific evidence to support their claims, so you can feel good about using the substances. The producer cites many scientific studies to support the claims made for the various substances in the mix. Some testimonials of IM-21’s veracity are included below.
  • Many people took part in a trial on Mike Tyson’s IM-21 formula because they were given beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate (HMB).
  • This supplement, IM-21, have HMB as one of its active components. Because of its exclusive usage in protein powders and creatine supplements, the product stands apart from the crowd.
  • After 12 weeks, the individuals acquired 7 pounds of lean body mass, which is 252 percent more than the 2.1 pounds obtained by the control group.
  • After another trial, individuals increased their one-repetition maximum by 18% in only five days, equivalent to a 200% increase over the placebo group. According to the study’s authors, taking HMB has no negative side effects, and its users report feeling stronger, bigger, and more resistant to exercise after taking it.
  • Maximum strength (1RM), upper body endurance (MPU), and abdominal muscular endurance (MSU) were measured at the beginning of the trial. The first, second, third, fourth, and thirty-five day periods after subjects took either 3g or 5g of creatine daily.
  • All performance metrics, except abdominal muscular endurance, improved considerably for all individuals.
  • In addition, the IM-21 muscle growth formula is said to encourage testosterone growth. Better sleep and more energy are two of the most important factors in increasing testosterone levels.
  • Researchers found that testicular testosterone levels increased by 25% after a year of supplement usage.
  • In addition, the researchers had 165 people (54 males) consume vitamin D or a placebo for a year. While testosterone levels rose significantly in the vitamin D group, the placebo group had no change.
  • In addition, references research showing that the formula’s components promote restful sleep.
  • Mike Tyson’s IM-21 results showed that those who took valerian had much better sleep than those who did not. Patients with insomnia who took valerian or placebo had better quality sleep and slept for longer periods.
  • Additionally, the IM-21 drink may improve stamina. The supplement’s makers point to research showing that cordyceps Sinensis, a fungus extract utilized in the mix, may raise endurance by up to 79% when used alone and by up to 139% when combined with other endurance boosters.
  • Some rats were given cordyceps at a 200 mg/kg level for 15 days as part of a study purporting to evaluate the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. The element improved endurance tests in the treated rats compared to the controls.
  • In general, the chemicals inside IM-21 powder have been shown to aid in things like recuperation, anabolism, vitality, and muscular development. Even if your results aren’t as impressive as Mike Tyson’s, the method should help you perform better.
Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Supplement Facts

Directions For Using IM-21

The IM-21 powders, Build and Burn, are available in powder form and are consumed daily by mixing with water to maximize muscle development and performance.

The following are the instructions for using the formula, as presented on the official website:

IM-21 Mike Tyson powder should be combined with water. You just need around 8 to 10 ounces of water to dissolve Burn (AM) or Burn (PM). Alternately, you may try milk, a milkshake, or your go-to drink for a change of pace.

As you become older, your body needs a little push to put and keep it in growth mode, so treat yourself to a delightful anabolic drink. IM-21’s beverage is loaded with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs to bulk up, making it the perfect choice if you want to develop your muscles to their full potential.

To put your body into an exceptional fat-burning and muscle-building condition and keep it there all day, the IM-21 body-building drink includes potent anabolic activators.

Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Dosage

Is IM-21 Drink Safe To Consume?

The IM-21 Mike Tyson vitamin is not a gimmick. It’s a genuine option for anyone seeking a means to enhance their muscular development efforts.

Protein and amino acids are combined to create the IM-21 powder, which is supposed to facilitate protein transformation into muscle.

You should expect to notice benefits from the drink after around two to three weeks of use.

Well, there you have it! You won’t be sucked off if you try the IM-21 vitamin drink. This product’s ability to aid in muscle gain is not a myth.

Mike Tyson’s IM-21 supplement might be what you need if you want to gain muscle mass and stamina.

Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Results & Consistency

As per the manufacturer and Mike Tyson’s IM-21 reviews, it is advisable to consume this drink continuously between two and three months to get the optimum results. A longer duration of between one and two years is expected for the effects.

Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Reviews From The Real Customers

Here are a few of Mike Tyson’s IM-21 customer reviews gathered from genuine sources:

How much does Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Supplement Cost?

No retail stores carry the product; it may be purchased only via their official website. It can’t be purchased from traditional retailers or online marketplaces like Amazon.

High customer demand encourages counterfeiters to sell knockoffs of popular brands. That’s why it’s important for customers to make sure the products are authentic before making a purchase.

Each IM-21 package costs $69 to buy. The package is made to last for one month and has Burn and Build in it. But if you order more than one package, you can save money by doing the following:

1 month’s worth costs $69 plus $6.95 Shipping
3-Month Supply: $177, plus free shipping in the US
6-Month Supply: $234, plus free shipping in the US

Final Take On Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Reviews

Mike Tyson’s IM-21 is a muscle-building supplement that helps you burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. It was made so that you can reach your fitness goals.

You can use the IM-21 drink to improve your performance in any sport, but it’s especially useful for those who want to increase their strength and speed.

The IM-21 muscle mass formula works by stimulating your muscles to burn more calories than normal, allowing them to build more muscle and lose more fat. The IM-21 by Mike Tyson will help you reach your fitness goals faster than if you used another product.

The IM-21 reviews from the users are all positive and they achieved better results by following the manufacturer-recommended dosage. So considering all these aspects this muscle growth formula is worth a try


  1. What makes IM-21 Mike Tyson different from other muscle-building supplements?
    IM-21 Mike Tyson is different from other muscle-building supplements because the product activates an anabolic mechanism, that is the metabolism process when you are in stillness mode. So you can build muscles even if you are not working out ferociously.
  2. I am already taking some medications for certain conditions. Can I use IM-21 Mike Tyson along with that?
    IM-21 Mike Tyson is 100% natural and safe. Still, if you have any chronic conditions or already taking any medications for that make sure to show a bottle of the supplement to your doctor before consuming it.
  3. I am not much of a Gym person. Will the supplement help me to build muscle in this case?
    In fact, yes. IM-21 Mike Tyson has proven benefits in building muscles and increasing your stamina even if your body is in an anabolic state. But still, if you can have some workout sessions along with the supplement, the results can be super effective.
  4. The ingredients in IM-21 Mike Tyson contain melatonin and caffeine. What should I do if I am allergic to these components?
    IM-21 contains 3mg of Melatonin and 75mg of Caffeine, which are very minute in quantity compared to the daily intake of Caffeine. But if you are extremely allergic to these ingredients it is better you seek a doctor’s consultation before use.
  5. Is there an age limit for the consumption of IM-21 Mike Tyson?
    It is suggested that only people who are at least 18 years old should take IM-21 Mike Tyson.


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