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Medicaid-eligible Homebound Older Adults in New York at Risk of Losing In-Home Care Services, CDPAP New York United Urges Contacting New York Legislators Now



NEW YORK, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New York State is attempting to eliminate hundreds of agencies, including those that specialize in helping diverse cultural populations and serving those in poverty-stricken areas. These proposed cuts by New York State would eliminate language proficiency and clear communication between and among the agencies and their caregivers and patients. Agencies serving specific disability populations like the Deaf and Deaf/Blind community may also be cut.

Under current law, New York State will be closing hundreds of Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) agencies this year. CDPAP enables Medicaid-eligible homebound older adults to get their services from family, friends, or community members they know and trust and allows those individuals to get paid for their work. CDPAP benefits family members and their caregivers, provides choice in decision-making and allows for a more flexible schedule to receive care.

“Small, local, minority agencies are being unfairly targeted for closure,” said Ed Kelley, Director of Public Affairs of CDPAP New York United. “It’s vital not to disrupt a major program that provides personal care services in the home to people who would otherwise be forced into nursing home care,” he added. 

“Eliminating hundreds of agencies is not good business for the State of New York,” said Kelley. “New York State’s attempt to eliminate CDPAP agencies will reduce competition and drive-up costs, which are borne by the taxpayers,” he added.

CDPAP New York United is an advocacy group formed to allow all CDPAP agencies providing quality services to remain in operation and continue serving their members. It is advocating against the Department of Health’s efforts to shrink the industry, a move which will hurt consumers, employees, and the State.

CDPAP is asking for the public’s support to keep the program strong for the people of New York by making your voices heard by reaching out to your New York State Senator and Assembly Member.

There’s a link on the CDPAP’s website to let your New York State Senator and Assembly Member know that you support the continuation of CDPAP.

Please help us save Home Care in New York. Visit and click on to send a letter to your New York senator and to send a letter to your New York Assembly Member.

Your support is VITAL to the continuation of CDPAP in New York. Thank YOU for Taking Action Now.

Please visit and make your voices heard!

Ed Kelley
[email protected]

SOURCE CDPAP New York United

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