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MAP. Medicines: where are the 271 production sites located in France?



the essential
The production of fifty drugs will be relocated to France. “Reindustrialization is underway,” said Emmanuel Macron while traveling in Ardèche. There are currently 271 drug production sites in France.

More drugs will be produced in France. Emmanuel Macron announced the relocation of around fifty essential drugs, half of which will be soon. The Head of State was traveling in Ardèche at midday. The President of the Republic mentioned a list of 450 “essential drugs”.

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Shortage of drugs: Emmanuel Macron announces the relocation of around fifty molecules to France

“Essential drugs” for which French production is lower than demand or which are produced outside Europe. Doliprane, amoxicillin, flu vaccines: France depends up to 60 to 80% on imports, particularly from China or India, for their molecules. Yet ten years ago, France was the leading European producer. She now ranks fourth. During the Covid-19 crisis, France had to deal with the shortage of several consumer drugs such as antibiotics or paracetamol.

In France, pharmaceutical production has 271 sites. In the Southwest, the best known are

  • UPSA in Agen (Dafalgan, Efferalgan) based on paracetamol
  • Pierre Fabré in Soual near Castres (Ducray, Klorane, René Furterer…)
  • Mylan in Mérignac near Bordeaux (Betadine)

There are 271 drug production sites in France spread across the whole of France. It includes manufacturers, CDMOs (subcontractors) and their suppliers, detailed by color code on the map.

Symbol of this future relocation, the production of paracetamol will be relaunched in France next year at Seqens in Isère. 100 million euros will be invested in this production site.

Nearly one in three French people has been faced with drug shortages in pharmacies.

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