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Written by Doug Hampton

Are you looking for Macube Cleaner reviews for your mac? Do you want to free up more space on your Mac? It’s no secret that Macube Cleaner is widely used. As of late, Macube Cleaner reviews that it has been downloaded over 2 million times by users worldwide. Many news outlets also rank it as one of the most trustworthy cleaners.

Macube Cleaner Reviews – Is It A Valuable Cleaning Program For Mac Users?

Whether you need to clear up some clutter or boost the performance of your gadget, this Macube Cleaner software has you covered. Additionally, it may be used to control add-ons and protect a user’s browsing history in private mode on a Mac. Macube Cleaner for mac is a great option for removing software from your Mac.

With Macube Cleaner software, you can do all that and more with a few clicks of the mouse. You have nothing to worry about in terms of privacy or security. You may delete all the files you’ve chosen to get rid of with a simple click. 

Macube Cleaner Reviews
Product NameMacube Cleaner
Things To NoteOnly For Mac
pros👉Featured functions for cleaning up
👉User-friendly interface
👉Easy operation
Cons👉No antivirus features
👉 Limited trial version
PriceMonthly Plan: $8.95 
AvailabilityOnly On the Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Macube Cleaner?

A useful Mac utility program, Macube Cleaner software focuses only on cleaning. It has several different cleaning modes to help your computer get the tip-top shape, from deleting unnecessary files and software to finding and erasing duplicates and destroying intransigent files. 

Macube Cleaner smart scan features offer everything you need to declutter your home and boost the efficiency of your gadget. Additionally, the Macube Cleaner program may be used to control add-ons and protect a user’s browsing history in private mode on a Mac. 

How Does Macube Cleaner Work? 

A specialized Macube Cleaner Smart Scan feature identifies your device’s model and the current state of your network.

Furthermore, Macube Cleaner software detects and removes all forms of unnecessary data from your device without compromising its safety. Macube Cleaner reviews that if you employ this function, you will be astounded by the amount of storage taken up by junk files.

Macube Cleaner Smart technology examines every directory and file to find the inactive ones slowing things down. Because of this, you won’t have to spend as much time on the task. There is a significant need for both a cache detection tool and a Mac duplicate file finder.

Macube Cleaner software examines e-mail attachments in addition to locally stored files to identify those that are only taking up space and can be safely removed.

Key Features of the Macube Cleaning app

Macube Cleaner for mac provides 7 essential cleaning features, including:

Macube Cleaner
  • Smart Scan: If you’d like to eliminate the need for manual manipulation and instead have your Mac cleaned automatically, the Smart scan mode can do a full system scan with a single click. Macube Cleaner reviews that it classifies objects like system garbage and application cache so that you may delete them all.
  • Large & Old Files: Individuals may quickly reclaim vast storage space by organizing their files according to size and creation date.
  • Duplicate Finders: The tool also can intelligently recognize duplicate files, directories, photos, and other objects, allowing you to easily delete the duplicates and reclaim the resulting storage space.
  • App Uninstaller: Macube Cleaner’s Uninstaller function makes it simple to delete all Mac applications and their associated data. You may use it to strengthen your Mac’s security.
  • Privacy Protector: To ensure your privacy, remove all online activity traces from the device, like browser cookies and download history.
  • Extension Manager: Macube Cleaner software is a useful tool for checking and managing potentially unsafe browser add-ons, removing them from your computer to protect your privacy.

How to liberate mac disk space by using Macube Cleaner? 

To erase your Mac’s system storage, adhere to the below steps.

  • Step 1: Get the Macube cleaner app, then open it.
Macube Cleaner Step 1
  • Step 2: Click the “Smart Scan” tab on the left side of the page. Using this function, you may easily locate the system files that can be taken with you. Select Smart Scan and wait for it to finish.
Macube Cleaner Step 2
  • Step 3: These are all the files in the trash that may be safely removed. Select the magnifying glass to get a glimpse of the rubbish files and their locations. Select the items you no longer need and click Clean to remove them from your Mac’s hard drive.
Macube Cleaner Step 3
  • Step 4: Everything will be cleaned up in a matter of seconds!

Macube Cleaner pros and cons


  • Full-featured Mac cleaning utilities: The program’s cleaning features are separated, catering to users with varying requirements for keeping their Macs running smoothly. Macube Cleaner review, you may do all your cleaning in one place, from huge and outdated files to duplicates and unneeded software.
  • One-and-done powerful smart scanning: Smart scan is a feature that may automatically find and organize items on a Mac to help you save storage space and get back to work quickly.
  • Availability of privacy-protection tools: With the program’s built-in privacy safeguards, you can rest certain that your Mac’s sensitive information will remain just that.
  • Quick Mac cleaning: Macube makes optimizing a Mac a breeze by doing both the scanning and cleaning processes quickly and with no effort.


  • Free for the first seven days only: When you download the Macube Cleaner app, you can try it risk-free for 7 days and use all of its features at no cost.
  • Lacking antivirus program: Though it has a lot of neat tools for cleaning your Mac, it doesn’t have any built-in virus scanning or protection.

Macube Cleaner Customer reviews 

Here are some of Macube Cleaner customer reviews:

Have you accumulated a lot of unnecessary data on your Mac? Need an effective program for cleaning? Now you know the solutions to all your problems. You should get the Macube utility program just like I did.
By using the Macube Cleaner program, I can quickly and effectively recover your Mac’s maximum performance. I also avoided manually removing unnecessary files from their respective directories.
Macube makes removing unnecessary files and programs simple, helping me reclaim valuable time. Despite its flexible cleaning options, Macube Cleaner is surprisingly inexpensive.

Is it safe to use Macube multipurpose Cleaner?

When cleaning your Mac, Macube Cleaner software has you covered on all fronts. Because of its extensive capabilities and user-friendly interface, have quickly become one of the top Mac cleansers available. Macube Cleaner review states it’s a breeze to search through the unused programs and trash the rubbish files that take up so much space on your Mac. As a result of Macube’s optimization, your Mac may amaze you by running as quickly as it performed when you first acquired it.

System requirements and specifications to use Macube Cleaner 

The Macube Cleaner app is a free demo tool that can be found in the System Utilities File & Disk Management library of products. This file and disk management software supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. You may use Macube Cleaner for Mac. The current version of Macube Cleaner software is around 44.11 MB.

How much does Macube Cleaner software cost? 

Only the official website sells this Macube Cleaner product. The following are paid membership tiers:

  • Monthly Plan: $8.95 
  • Yearly Plan: $29.95 
  • Lifetime Plan: $69.95

Monthly and annual subscriptions, however, cover just one Mac. And two are covered under the lifetime plan.

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Do they have a money-back policy?

Customers may try out the demo version of the Macube Cleaner program for free before committing to the complete purchase. Even if there is a restriction on how often a consumer can use the trial version, it still provides enough services to be useful. Additionally, this aids consumers in not accidentally buying the incorrect item.

Macube Cleaner – Final Verdict

Macube Cleaner cleaning app is among the greatest cleaning and optimization programs available if you own a Mac. It does an excellent job of removing junk, obsolete and bloated files, and seldom-used programs, which it does to free up disk space.

Macube Cleaner program includes tools like Smart Scan, Duplicate Finder, and Uninstaller to get rid of unused programs and data. While the free edition of Macube Cleaner software allows users to search their computers for unwanted entries, they are limited in their ability to remove them.

It detects local email attachments, unnecessary iTunes backups, and useless language packages and deletes them. Macube Cleaner review states its cleaning method is streamlined and easy to use on any Mac, setting it apart from similar products.

There are many options for cleaning your computer, but this one stands out because of how thoroughly it scans Macs and finds junk like app cache, trash can remnants, system logs, and cache.

In addition, it swiftly removes any detected materials. One of Macube Cleaner’s many strengths is that it uses intelligent technologies to detect and remove seldom-used files.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to preview scanned files?

When Macube Cleaner has finished scanning, the results will be shown with the file’s name, creation date, size, and other metadata. To access the temporary storage folder and look at the files before downloading them, click the magnifier symbol next to the objects you want to examine or locate.

  • What distinguishes the program’s registered version from its trial version?

There are limits to the demo version. The unregistered version, for instance, may scan and list the contents of your device but cannot restore any data. In addition to helping you recover data without restrictions, registered users also get free upgrades and unlimited access to our technical support team.

  • How could I tell whether my order was successful?

When your payment is complete, the payment gateway will send you an email with your order information, including your ID, Registration code, and Email address.

  • How can I cancel a double order?

There is no need to worry if you accidentally make a second order. If you have questions about your purchase, our support staff is available through phone, chat, or email. After verification, we will promptly provide a credit for the duplicate item.

  • Can I return my purchase?

No, if you download it on your computer and use it for some time. And if there’s a problem with our product that our support staff can’t fix, we’ll look into refunding you as per our Refund Policy.


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