Lowest Cost For FDA-Approved Semaglutide Is At Botox Bar

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Written by Doug Hampton

Semaglutide Costs $375 Per Month At Botox Bar For Weight Loss

DALLAS, May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Botox Bar now offers FDA approved semaglutide injections along with a weight loss program guided by Registered Nurses and Physician’s Assistants. Patients will learn how to administer the injections and check in monthly with the experts at Botox Bar to monitor weight loss. The plan also includes a diet plan and lifestyle changes. Patients can lose up to fifteen or twenty pounds per month with semaglutide.

How Much Does Semaglutide Cost?

Botox Bar’s semaglutide weight loss program includes shipments of semaglutide, monthly check-ins, and a diet and lifestyle plan for $375 per month. The subscription can be discontinued with two weeks’ notice before the next draft of medication.

How Do I Get Prescribed Semaglutide?

At an initial consultation, patients meet with their provider to discuss their weight loss goals, medical history, and whether the semaglutide weight loss program is right for them. Following this consultation and medical evaluation by Botox Bar’s provider to determine it is a good fit, they will provide the prescription of semaglutide.

How Fast Do You Start Losing Weight On Semaglutide?

Patients should begin to notice weight loss within 12 weeks, but usually earlier. If they also follow the diet plan, their results will come faster, be better, and last longer.

One semaglutide patient said, “I have done the skinny shot and the new weight loss shot given by Jen…got me started on the new weight loss shot I have lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks IT WORKS!”

About Botox Bar: Botox Bar is an elite medical aesthetics practice that performs cosmetic injections including Botox and dermal fillers. They also offer semaglutide weight loss injections with their BriteBody Weight. The providers are among the most knowledgeable in the state and many injectors undergo training with Botox Bar’s providers. Botox Bar has four Dallas area locations in Plano, Waxahachie, Colleyville, and Argyle.

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