Lourdes: Student visits, fairs, music therapy… There’s never a dull moment at the La Madone nursing home!

Home Lourdes: Student visits, fairs, music therapy… There’s never a dull moment at the La Madone nursing home!
Written by Doug Hampton

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The residents of the La Madone nursing home in Lourdes shared good times through several intergenerational exchanges during the month of April.

On Wednesday April 5, 2023, residents were visited by high school and college students from the Saint-Joseph establishment in Limoux, in Aude. They came on pilgrimage to Lourdes for a few days and offered to accompany the residents of the Madonna on pilgrimage to the grotto of Massabielle. The journey was made in a wheelchair, each student accompanying a resident. They traveled 2km out and 2km back, which allowed residents and students to discuss, to share good times, to finally forge a bond that will persist over time. This group was accompanied by the animator, the psychologist, the occupational therapist, a trainee in animation, a nurse’s aide, and by the supervisors and teachers of the school establishment.

Tuesday, April 18, a music therapist who works with the association l’Offrande Musicale came to the establishment. She took some time off in the morning to do individual sessions with some residents. In the afternoon, Emmanuelle took three groups of six residents who really enjoyed this moment. They beat time, sang and exchanged with her. It offers soft and classical music, which soothes the residents.

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On Saturday April 22, six students from the Foyer les Ecoles in Paris, aged 18 to 22 and present for a few days in Lourdes, wanted to give their time and attention to the residents. They coordinated with Clémentine the host to organize a fair. They held a “Devine Tête” stand, a “Time’s Up” stand and a “Blind Test” stand. At the end of this recreational afternoon, all the residents obtained a diploma made by a student and the first of each stand had a prize which the animator of La Madone received as a gift from the florist and the pharmacy of the establishment. The residents had a great afternoon. Once the fair was over and the snack was shared, the young girls wanted to talk to the residents who had not participated by going to visit them in their rooms. This intergenerational link between the home and the establishment of La Madone has been established for several years.

Monday, April 24, it is the turn of two students from a school of photography in Madrid to come and interview the residents about the history of the city of Lourdes. Three residents of the La Madone nursing home took part in this duty of remembrance. The students collected the life stories of the residents who lived in Lourdes and found their journeys fascinating. The students wanted to know the history of Lourdes for their studies. One of them did not speak French.

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