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Written by Doug Hampton

CANTON, Ohio, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Liberty HealthShare®, one of the nation’s oldest and largest Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries, now – for the first time ever – can offer its members access to a provider network.

This new national network will offer Liberty HealthShare’s members a simplified billing experience with their healthcare providers and a streamlined process when submitting eligible expenses for sharing.

“The added paperwork involved with healthsharing can be challenging for members and providers,” said Dorsey Morrow, Liberty HealthShare chief executive officer. “Providing our members the option of an extensive network with more than 900,000 doctors and 4,000 hospitals will virtually eliminate this requirement.”

If a member’s provider of choice is not a member of the network, they can continue to use them.

Liberty HealthShare members, beginning June 1, will simply show their Membership ID Card to their provider’s billing staff when obtaining healthcare services. The provider will submit the bill electronically to Liberty HealthShare, where it will be reviewed for sharing eligibility. Members will no longer have to submit bills on their own.

Liberty HealthShare is able to make this change due to its selection of a new set of vendors to provide medical bill repricing services: HealthComp/SFUR and HST, beginning June 1.

“These new vendors bring a substantial set of additional support services and value for our members,” said Morrow. “Furthermore, they do so in a cost-effective manner and significantly decrease the likelihood of balance billing.”

These value-added support services are being provided to Liberty HealthShare members with no changes to their Sharing Programs or to their recommended monthly contributions.

Liberty HealthShare is a non-profit 501(c) (3) charitable Christian medical cost-sharing ministry focused on members helping each other in times of need. The faith-based program, which facilitates healthsharing for its members, is a caring community of health-conscious individuals and families who choose to support one another and agree to the Christian values of stewardship to make healthcare affordable for all.

As it is not insurance, Liberty HealthShare enrollment is available year-round, with no requirement for special life events to qualify. For more information about its healthcare sharing programs visit or call (855) 585-4237.

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