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Lescure-d’Albigeois. Well-being day and festive farms



Wellness day at Paulinet.

That’s it, the posters are ready and the date has been fixed for some time now, for the wellness day scheduled for Saturday, June 3 in Paulinet. A similar day, with considerable success, had already been held last fall in the town of Miolles. At that time, three of the seven responders on June 3 had operated, each in their own specialty. Mathieu Augé magnetizer (06 87 99 38 71), expert in locating the pain of his patients, acted and relieved those who asked him. Next door, Condomines Christel from St-Sernin, practices geobiology which relates the links between the earth and living organisms (Tel. 06 31 77 70 97). Catherine Fages d’Alban (Tel. 06 47 04 62 51) specializes in Zen massages. Libersat Marie-Flore (Tel. 06 58 29 89 00) is a psycho practitioner and focuses on issues of ill-being. Nathalie Montel (Tel. 06 49 98 62 75) who will work alongside her, offers flexibility and slenderness through Qi Gong. In the category relaxation and at the same time activation of the body and the spirit, will be present Rolland Céline (Tel. 06 16 98 72 96) sophrologist. The last speaker to offer her treatments, the naturopath Aurélie Andrieu-Bonami (Tel. 06 43 08 57 98) who aims to restore health by natural means.

Doors open at La Bourrelié.

As part of the “Fermes en fête” program, Saturday June 3, an open day is scheduled at the educational farm of La Bourrelié (Paulinet). On the program, independent visit of the farm on course, farm animals with free baptism of ponies at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. A free wooded picnic area is available, with also the possibility of 100% farm snacks by reservation.

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