Leading Health Tech ŌURA and Cronometer Unlock A World Of Insights With New Menstrual Cycle Tracking Functionality

Home Leading Health Tech ŌURA and Cronometer Unlock A World Of Insights With New Menstrual Cycle Tracking Functionality
Written by Doug Hampton

Building on the long-standing integration between the two apps, Cronometer has introduced a Cycle Tracking feature that leverages data from ŌURA’s new Cycle Insights functionality. Cronometer users with a menstrual cycle using the latest version of the app can now view cycle day, body temperature variation, and cycle phase (luteal or follicular) along with helpful information about common symptoms in each cycle phase and suggestions for actions and habits that can help them feel their best.

Not only will women be able to view their cycle data from ŌURA on the Dashboard and the Diary pages within the nutrition tracking app, they will also have the ability to look back and see the cycle phase as an overlay in any chart, helping to identify trends across the two phases.

“We hope that this new feature unlocks a world of insights around women’s health.” says the CEO of Cronometer, Aaron Davidson, “Being able to chart and visualize the impact a cycle phase has on health data like nutritional intake, sleep, energy, mood and more will be eye-opening for women.”

To leverage this data, users may create a chart showing overall calorie intake or drill down to any nutrient (like carbs, fat or even vitamin C) to see if a cycle phase has an impact on their diet. Cronometer allows for the ability to track additional metrics, such as exercise and sleep, which can also be compared against cycle phase data.

While the current iteration of the Cycle Tracking feature is only available to Cronometer users with an Oura Ring, the company has plans to allow the ability to self-report symptoms and phases, extending the feature to all Cronometer users in the future.

For more information about Cronometer’s Cycle Tracking feature visit https://cronometer.com/blog/cycle-tracking and for more information on Oura’s Cycle Insights visit https://ouraring.com/blog/oura-cycle-insights/

About Cronometer Software Inc.: 

Cronometer is a leading health and nutrition tracker with a comprehensive nutrition database. Unlike other tracking apps, the nutritional data is curated from verified, lab-analyzed sources. Cronometer is aimed at helping anyone looking to develop healthy habits and gain a better insight into their health and nutrition. Cronometer was originally developed by CEO Aaron Davidson in 2005 and started as a personal side project. Over the years it has transformed from a hobby into a thriving business with over 8 million users worldwide. They are a proudly Canadian company with a head office based in the small mountain town of Revelstoke, British Columbia. Visit cronometer.com for more information and connect with Cronometer on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About ŌURA:

ŌURA is the company behind Oura Ring — the smart ring that delivers personalized health data, insights, and daily guidance. With sleep as its foundation, ŌURA Membership fosters healthy habits to make wellness and recovery a mindful, daily practice. Validated against medical gold standards and driven by continuous monitoring of individual biometrics, the lightweight and comfortable Oura Ring is one of the most accurate wearables available. For organizations, Oura For Business connects individual well-being with collective outcomes by making performance measurable, actionable, and attainable. Founded in Finland with offices in Oulu, Helsinki, San Francisco, and San Diego, ŌURA has raised more than $350 million and is valued at $2.55 billion. For more information, please visit http://ouraring.com/.

Oura Ring is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, monitor, or prevent medical conditions/illnesses.

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