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Written by Doug Hampton

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For several years, the municipality has been confronted with the problem of medical desertification.

Four years ago, with the retirement of Dr. Galinier, the town was confronted with the problem of medical desertification in rural areas. The future of the medical center being compromised, the municipality decided to take the bull by the horns. In 2019, the city council decided to acquire the building for the amount of €160,000 and to make adjustments in order to create an attractive health centre, equipped with four consulting rooms.

A difficult time to live

With the fitting-out work costing €63,039 completed, practitioners had to be found to occupy the two vacant practices. Several attempts unfortunately failed and the hasty departure of one of the doctors for health reasons confronted the elected officials with great concern from the citizens who no longer had a treating doctor. The population was distraught and no solution could be found. Nathalie Naccache, mayor, admits to having felt alone with the elected members of the municipal council in the face of this problem, and it was very difficult to live with.

But, the tenacity, the work carried out with the doctor who remained in place bore fruit. The face-to-face medical secretariat was set up thanks to a municipal administrative officer seconded to the health centre. And for a few months, a young doctor who has not yet graduated, but who has completed his medical studies, joined the medical team and the elected officials hope that he will be happy in the town. A physiotherapist has also moved in and a sophrologist should soon share his practice. There is still an office available and the potential exists for another practitioner who would like to set up in a rural setting. Especially since the municipality has decided to undertake new work to the tune of €8,701 for accessibility and the repair of sanitary facilities. She hopes to find the rare pearl who will want to settle in this renovated and pleasant communal space. So if you are a practitioner looking for a local, do not hesitate to contact the town hall at 04 68 60 10 12.

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