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Written by Doug Hampton

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In Pradines, the Parentalité 46 association has just been set up to help parents and children in distress. At the request of patients and health professionals, eight specialists will manage sleep disorders, perinatal bereavement, postpartum, etc.

Parents in distress now have their guardian angels in Pradines. Last December, eight health professionals came together under the association Parentalité 46, itself born of the association Plurisanté 46 which brings together nearly 20 specialists. “This branch dealing with parenting had become necessary. Patients were suffering and professionals such as general practitioners, saturated, could not always process requests”, explains Vanessa Calas, coordinator of the association. There are, however, many requests: children suffer from sleep and behavioral disorders, parents are disconcerted, mothers undergo abortions, postpartum, go through perinatal bereavement, traumatic childbirth and need to talk about it. “Consultations at Plurisanté 46 around these issues had become recurrent, we decided to specialize in taking care of this public”, explains the coordinator of the association which shares the premises of Plurisanté 46, 117 bis allées des rimes.

Three psychologists, two educators specializing in family therapy, an osteopathic midwife, a child nurse and a general practitioner, all liberal, responded. Others should follow like speech therapist, dietitian, occupational therapist, nurse, pediatric physical therapists and nurse. The association works hand in hand with the Regional Health Agency, Maternal and Child Protection, the Medico-Psychological Center and the Cahors maternity hospital.

“The idea is to unclog medical practices for everything related to parenting issues, respond to families’ requests before situations deteriorate and give them a toolbox so that they can return to their role. of parents, “says Vanessa Calas again. This brigade of specialists works around the theory of attachment: a concept that says that the child needs to develop on the social level, a privileged emotional relationship. “For several years, parents have been under social pressure, injunctions around motherhood, pregnancy, how to raise their children,” explains Laura Volien, midwife osteopath and secretary of the association.

Detect domestic violence

Breastfeeding, pedagogy, food diversification… Between the opinions of the neighbour, the family and the pediatrician, the couples are lost. “We don’t give advice like a good friend would. We are all state-qualified health professionals, caring but firm,” emphasizes the coordinator. Nothing to do, therefore, with a women’s speaking circle or advice given on a health forum. “We’re here to absolve parents who think they’re dysfunctional. But a three-month-old baby who doesn’t sleep through the night is normal,” she continues. The health professional will then advise to rearrange the spaces, to set up rituals when falling asleep… To a woman who has experienced a traumatic childbirth, Laura Volien will encourage to verbalize. “And if listening is not enough, we refer to physiotherapists for rehabilitation or psychologists,” she says.

Exchanges that will also be used to detect domestic violence. The Phenix program, undertaken by Plurisanté 46, already makes it possible to take care of children now considered victims of domestic violence and no longer witnesses. Only here, before launching the consultations, the association must collect the necessary financing and subsidies. She is hopeful of being able to start them at the beginning of next year. Then, in the process, to set up a free advice center and create a training organization for professionals. An adventure in the world of parenthood that is just beginning.

The team received a visit from Doctor Anne Raynaud.

The team received a visit from Doctor Anne Raynaud.
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Encouraged by the Federation of Parenting Practitioners

Parentalité 46 is a member of the Federation of Parenting Practitioners, chaired by Doctor Anne Raynaud and whose Honorary President is none other than Doctor Catherine Gueguen. This federation’s mission is to support teams, all over France, in order to create parenting support structures, led by state-qualified professionals trained in the theory of attachment and affective and social neurosciences. . On June 8, Doctor Anne Raynaud came to meet the Pradinoise team to encourage their approach.

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