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Written by Doug Hampton

A study by Public Health France observes that 4% of French people over the age of 18 have been affected by the long Covid.

Wednesday, June 21, Public Health France (SpF) publishes the results of a study in which we learn that just over two million people over the age of 18 could have been affected by a long covid.

A number that represents 2% of adults, and 1.2% of people in the same panel indicates that daily tasks are affected.

Marked prevalence among women

The study was conducted between September and November 2022, through the telephone and the internet, in order to specify SpF to“assess the situation following the large waves of circulation of Omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2 which followed one another in 2022 and very widely affected the French population”.

Among the people who declared an infection dating back at least three months (i.e. 48% of the population questioned), 8% were due to a long Covid with a prevalence almost twice as high in women (10.2%) than in men (5.3%). For one in three (31%), the long Covid had started more than a year ago.

Supervision “strongly required”

An earlier study, unveiled last July and still to the credit of Public Health France, revealed that 4% of French adults and 30% of those who had been infected claimed to suffer from long Covid disorders.

And SpF adds that “Despite the stabilization of the prevalence at the end of 2022, the monitoring of the long Covid (…) is still strongly required in the months to come”.

Symptoms present three months after infection

The WHO defines the long form of Covid as the presence of symptoms three months after infection: fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, intermittent fever, loss of taste or smell, depression, cognitive dysfunction.

Patients suffer from at least one symptom that persists for at least two months, a symptom that cannot be explained by another cause.

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