In Auch, a solution in sight to maintain urology at the hospital center

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Written by Doug Hampton

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This specialty was provided by the doctors of the Clinique de Gascogne, who for a long time refused to come to work at the hospital. A partnership, which remains to be defined, would make it possible to maintain this care in the Gers.

It was one of the biggest thorns in the side of health officials in the Gers, and a real concern for patients: with the disappearance of the Clinique de Gascogne, the department risked losing its specialists in urology. Finally, the situation is unblocked, after almost a year of discussions. The two urologists from the Gascony clinic, Dr Mikaël Secco and Fabien Descamps, have chosen to stay. If this decision does not solve the whole problem, it marks a big change in the relations between the liberal specialists and the hospital center, which should benefit Gers patients.

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The management of the hospital published a press release that neither the management nor the doctors wished to comment on: “It is in this context that the urologists at the Gascogne clinic recently expressed their desire to also join our establishment, in order to continue their activity in the territory of the Gers. At the heart of this agreement, “the desire to maintain the healthcare offer on the territory remains a shared objective”.

Willingness to appease

Sign of a desire for appeasement, “the establishment deplores that certain comments recently reported in the press between the Auch hospital center and the Gascony polyclinic, represented by its president of the establishment medical commission, Dr Secco, or even between practitioners, could be interpreted as harmful and could tarnish their reputation. »

This step forward by liberal doctors, after months of fruitless negotiations and many misunderstandings, will not happen overnight, even if the specialists have expressed their desire to start quickly. “The reception of these new activities within the Auch hospital center requires the acquisition of specific equipment, the recruitment of nursing staff and the expansion of the reception capacity in surgery, the planning of which is in progress” , the statement said. One of the requests from practitioners is to buy back the equipment used in the clinic in their department. For his part, the liquidator intends to resell these devices – used – at the price of new. There is also work to be done on the premises. They have always been announced as achievable by the hospital, which has demonstrated its ability to absorb other clinic activities. But the case having been put on hold, these adjustments have extended the delays.

An organization to find

A possible complete urology department at Auch hospital cannot rely on these two practitioners alone. A subject addressed by the press release, which already evokes a synergy with other health establishments, as is the case for the emergencies of Auch: “In partnership with the urologist doctors of the former clinic of Gascony, those of the Toulouse University Hospital and the Mont-de-Marsan hospital center, a project for the care of urology patients is in progress. »

What to expect from this news? Initially, once a joint has been found with health centers, probably no more than outpatient surgery. A complete urology service, able to take care of heavy patients or respond to emergencies, would require specialists who can be reached 24 hours a day, which was not already the case at the clinic. Two urologists cannot ensure such an amplitude. There is still a whole timetable to be decided, and no doubt still discussions, to organize a complete service, able to meet patient demand.

An expanding hospital offer

Anticipating the future hospital, which should be shared between public and private, the Auscitain establishment has made room for the practitioners of the clinic who have chosen to come and practice there. “The Auch hospital center has already welcomed various medical specialties within its premises, specifies the press release. Indeed, partnerships were able to materialize, once the needs were collected, with the following activities: ophthalmology, vascular surgery, dental surgery, medical and surgical reception (AMC). “Newcomers who are for some already at work, and who do not complain about their new address. And new specialties that strengthen the position of public health.

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