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“I lay down on the ground”: Jean-Pierre Foucault, 75, victim of cardiac arrest



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Jean-Pierre Foucalt said he suffered a cardiac arrest almost a month ago. The septuagenarian was quickly taken care of by the emergency services.

Almost a month ago, Jean-Pierre Foucault had a real fright. The 75-year-old television host suffered a cardiac arrest. The septuagenarian was quickly taken care of by the emergency services.

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In an interview broadcast this Tuesday, May 9 on the site Doctissimo, the city councilor returns to this moving episode. Jean-Pierre Foucault says he “felt a strong chest tightness”, while he was on the tarmac at Marignane airport, not far from Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). “I asked my wife for some water, but the pain didn’t go away,” says the TV host.

Two cardiac arrests

The septuagenarian then returns to his home by car, but finds it more and more difficult to walk: “Once there, I could not climb the few steps that separated me from the front door, describes Jean- Pierre Foucault. I lay down on the ground, in the garden, and we called the emergency services. They then told me not to move any more”. The TV host immediately thinks of cardiac arrest, especially since the city councilor could no longer put on his shoes before taking the plane, as they were so swollen.

Help intervened quickly on the spot, and Jean-Pierre Foucault was quickly transferred to the North hospital, not far from his home. On site, the doctors operate on him and unclog one of the stents he has been wearing since 2019. The septuagenarian was subsequently admitted to intensive care, before undergoing rehabilitation: “The care team revealed to me afterwards that I had suffered from two small cardiac arrests: the first in my garden, the other in the emergency room”, evokes the latter. The TV host is now at rest.

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