How Catherine Cortez Masto Won The Senate Election And The Nevada Seat?

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Written by Doug Hampton

Catherine Cortez Masto, a Las Vegas native has spent years fighting for the rights of the working class in Nevada. She was the first Latina woman from Nevada who was elected to become the U.S. Senate.

Currently, in Nevada, democratic senator Catherine won the re-election. She fought against the Republican Adam Laxalt. This guaranteed that democrats would control the Senate in 2023.

Along with Catherine Cortez’s win, democratic Arizona representative Sen. Mark Kelly also won. This gave a 50-49 edge to the democrats in the senate seats. After this, the party will now regain control of the chamber, regardless of the results of Georgia’s runoff voting decision.

The Strategy Catherine Cortez Masto Used To Win The Nevada Senate Position

Last week in Washoe, when the ballot votes were still getting counted, senator Masto took the lead over Adam Laxalt. Earlier, Laxalt was calling the elections rigged and swore that he would never work for the democrats.

How Catherine Cortez Masto Won The Senate Election And The Nevada Seat

On the other hand, Catherine Cortez Masto commended her work alongside republicans. Her strategic decision is one of the reasons that led to her winning. Masto was clinching her seat in Nevada, further helping hold the Senate seat.

In one of her speeches in Arizona, Catherine Cortez said that she knew that Nevada would never disappoint her, even if the national pundits were saying that wasn’t possible. She also added that Nevada is a place where nobody is left behind. This means that the area stands up for its people, even if no one is supporting them.

After the race’s final decision came out, Adam Laxalt hasn’t commented. According to a close source, he hasn’t even called Cortez Masto with a concession. Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Adam Laxalt acknowledged the supporters and said that he would be overtaken by Cortez Masto because the mail ballots are still counted. After that, there has been no tweet from him.

The winning of Catherine Cortez Masto was one of the replies to her critics who said about everything she said was a complete lie and it wasn’t going to make her win. So, in the final campaigning weeks, Catherine’s messages about democracy were accelerated.

A Little About Catherine Cortez Masto

Who is this lady who has won the senate seat and the hearts of millions of Nevada citizens?

When Catherine was Nevada’s prosecutor, she become a famous advocate for children, women, and seniors. Aiming to dedicate her life to the citizens, she worked alongside the local law enforcement and did her best to keep the community safe. Catherine also created the senior protection unit that kept the old citizens safe from exploitation, identity theft, and abuse.

Masto, the attorney general became a pushing force to shut down the sex trafficking ring within the state. She came into a partnership with the advocates to provide tools to the first responders. This helped the team identify everyone involved in trafficking.

She also helped middle-class people in recovering from their housing problems and established the Mortgage Fraud Strike Force to prosecute lending scams.

Catherine Cortez Masto is working continuously to repair the protect the families and the broken immigration system. The senator has dedicated her life to finding the right solutions for housing solutions in Nevada. She has committed her life to protecting public lands and the environment. She has also become the co-sponsor of the bill – Clean Energy for America Act. This would help reduce carbon pollution through clean energy methods.

Before becoming the Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto also worked in Clark County. She was an assistant county manager.

Her new role as a senate would give her the power she was looking for.

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