Heat wave and sleep: our advice for sleeping well when it’s very hot

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Written by Doug Hampton

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This Tuesday, July 11, the heat wave hits France again with 20 departments on orange alert for storms and heat waves. But how can you sleep well at night in this heat? La Dépêche gives you some advice…

Sleeping well during a heat wave can be a nightmare. There are, however, ways to improve your nights when it’s hot.

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Refresh the room

It’s important to keep your windows your shutters closed during the day to prevent heat from leaking through the windows. However, they must be opened at the right time, either in the evening or at the beginning of the night.

A fan allows you to cool directly but also to circulate the air in the room. A wet sheet on the windowsill can also help lower the temperature in your bedroom, as Santé Magazine reminds us.

Eat well and stay hydrated before going to sleep

It is recommended eat light and cold during dinner. Calories increase body temperature and energy expenditure, which is unfavorable to falling asleep. Salads, fruits and vegetables or even fish are to be preferred.

It is also necessary drink plenty of water during the day and not wait to be thirsty. A bottle of water next to the bed is a plus.

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Dress well

You don’t need to go to bed naked to sleep well during a heat wave. It would be better favor wide clothes made of natural fibers like cotton or linen. They should not stick to your skin to allow air to pass through and prevent sweating.

Change sheets and mattresses

Your bed is not to be neglected either. Sheets must be suitable for summer. Cotton ones are the most recommended. They do not stick to the skin and prevent heat from being locked in, whereas silk ones retain it.

Bedding can also be a factor in sleeping well. Foam mattresses are to be avoided in summer unlike spring models. Some mattresses also have two sides, one for summer and one for winter. Finally, brands sell cooling pillows and over-pillows for people who have the most trouble falling asleep.

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