Healthcare Industry Maven, Lorraine Riche, Joins Talentcare as Chief Growth Officer

Home Healthcare Industry Maven, Lorraine Riche, Joins Talentcare as Chief Growth Officer
Written by Doug Hampton

New Executive Hired as Company Fuels Client Growth

AUSTIN, TEXAS, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Talentcare, LLC, the leading platform of solutions to make hiring and retention easy, is excited to announce the addition of Lorraine Riche as Chief Growth Officer. Riche, a former two-time client and Talentcare champion, has a rich history of leading successful businesses through growth phases, and makes the leap to join the company sharing her expertise and helping fuel the next stage of growth for clients.

“It’s not often one gets the chance to hire a former client who naturally lives and breathes our values and is an authentic advocate for the multiplying effect of human capital — all in the package of a fantastic human,” said Eric Smith, CEO of Talentcare. “Lorraine’s intellectual curiosity, view of Talentcare as a client, and private equity-backed experience makes her the perfect partner for the executive teams of our clients,” Smith added.

A proven track record for starting and scaling retail healthcare organizations in a variety of sectors ranging from Consumer Wellness, Concierge Medicine, Mental Health including Autism/ABA, and an extensive range of Clinic- and Therapy-based healthcare has led Riche to the role with Talentcare she takes today. Riche’s superpower is to build great teams, grow companies fast and achieve great exits. Riche has served as President at Bloom Health Centers, Chief Experience Officer at Acorn Health, Chief Operating Officer at PT Solutions, and Vice President of Strategy and Operations at The Advisory Board Company. Impressed? So are we!

“The one thing that became very clear in every company I have been a part of was that, for growth to be unconstrained, a company must win the talent acquisition game. This requires a partner, and for me that partner was Talentcare,” said Lorraine Riche, Chief Growth Officer. “Great companies are made by great people. Joining Talentcare gives me the opportunity to give to Talentcare’s clients what Talentcare gave to me and my teams,” Riche added.

We invite you to learn more about the Talentcare team and connect with Lorraine.

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