Hautes-Pyrenees. “Let everyone form an opinion on this unique site”: a participatory meeting around the future of hospitals

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Written by Doug Hampton

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At the initiative of Nupes, a popular forum for “the defense of our local hospitals” is being held on Wednesday June 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bourse du travail in Tarbes.

This is not the first time that the Nupes finds itself, with all of its components, on the subject, however divisive, of the healthcare system and the single hospital project in Lanne. “The defense of local hospitals is a subject that has been close to our hearts for a long time, abounds Grégory Korn. So far, the position of the authorities has remained inflexible, but it is not irrevocable. From the start, this unique hospital is based on a denial of democracy. The petitions have been unsuccessful. There has been no public debate even though it is a substantial project with major impacts for the inhabitants of the territory and loss of chance in the event of an emergency. Today, we receive alerts from healthcare personnel, we see that the elected officials who supported this project are less inclined to do so. The tide is turning. We want to involve citizens and patients so that Everyone makes their own opinion.”

This is why the Nupes is organizing a participatory meeting, a popular forum, this Wednesday, June 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the Labor Exchange. “Proximity health is crucial in the question of access to care. Today our hospitals in Tarbes, Lourdes, Vic-Bigorre, Bagnères and Lannemezan allow, year after year, a network of the territory. tomorrow? ask the activists. What solutions for the inhabitants of the valleys, the elderly, the accommodation of accompanying persons? What about vital emergencies with longer transport times? ” Nupes activists are wondering about the alternatives to this new structure in the middle of nowhere. “It is first of all a question of initiating a massive recruitment of caregivers to provide the hospital with a consistent staff, specifies Nicolas Boissel. With the same budget (that is to say 300M€ plus all the sides that the communities will have to bear), why not rehabilitate Tarbes and Lourdes, or even proceed with an extension, since land is available, by carrying out a renovation with drawers as has been done elsewhere. credible studies on these alternatives, this is not the case so far.”

Wednesday evening’s forum is therefore intended to be open to all, users, citizens, caregivers, unions, associations, elected officials. “We want it to be dynamic. We of course invite the defenders of the single hospital project to come and express themselves.”

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