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Fruzins. Fitness and nutrition: Jessica’s new club



Last Sunday, in the presence of the mayor of Frouzins Jérôme Laffon, Jessica Vidal inaugurated with her friends and family her brand new nutrition club at 6 avenue du Chêne Vert (back of the building).

Fit & Eat Frouzins is the name of this original concept which offers a well-being assessment (offered for the opening), then nutritional support in order to acquire a healthy and active lifestyle. The equation is clear: 80% nutrition + 20% exercise = 100% results. Rebalancing of the plates, optimized hydration, intelligent breakfast comprising 40% of the daily intake, all coupled with two weekly fitness sessions.

Since February 13, 2021, Jessica has been offering these free fitness sessions at Parc Saint-Germier on Wednesdays and Sundays at 7 p.m. Thanks to simple exercises and musical games, she now regularly accompanies more than 150 people per month in their life improvement. Energy boost, weight loss, muscle gain are the ingredients for better health.

Fit & Eat Frouzins, 6 avenue du Chêne Vert; Such. 06 46 76 79 52 Facebook: Jessica Vidal. Instagram: Jessvid31.

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