Fresh Start Expands Services for Women of Color Through $1.3 million Investment from JPMorgan Chase

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Written by Doug Hampton

PHOENIX, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Women experience depression twice as much as men, and Black women are only half as likely to seek care as White women. There are several barriers that account for the disparity in seeking support, including a lack of therapists from communities of color, cultural stigmas, and high costs. Through a $1.3-million commitment from JPMorgan Chase to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, the nonprofit will provide expanded resources and support directly to women of color.

Fresh Start was selected as one of eight organizations nationwide to be awarded a grant from JPMorgan Chase’s Annual Challenge competition. The nonprofit plans to further integrate mental health support into programming and increase the number of trained mental health providers who are representative of women of color in Arizona. The investment will allow Fresh Start to expand access to its Impact Program, increasing the numbers of women supported on their journeys to economic independence.

During an event focused on mental health and financial well-being for women of color, Fresh Start featured local Black therapist and business owner Ashlea Taylor-Barber, and local JPMorgan Chase leaders announced the grant, discussing the importance of these themes towards long-term economic mobility, wealth building and success.

Ashlea Taylor-Barber, Therapist at Favor & Grace Under Fire Therapy & Consulting: “Studies show women of color suffer disproportionately from the kinds of adverse life experiences that can lead to depression, anxiety disorders, and toxic levels of chronic stress. It is important to offer culturally competent resources, so women of color have a wider pathway to healing, well-being and success.”

Kim McWaters, President and CEO of Fresh Start: “Access to high-quality mental health services, so women can manage stress, build resilience and cope with everyday life challenges, is one key component of Fresh Start’s Impact Program, which holistically supports women on their journeys to personal empowerment. We couldn’t be more grateful to JPMorgan Chase for the support that will allow us to expand and scale services to women of color throughout Greater Phoenix.”

Fresh Start’s mission is to provide access and resources that help women achieve self-sufficiency. The organization has a three-decade history providing holistic support services to women and, with the launch of its Impact Program, an expanded strategic focus on education, training, and career placement.

Kathy Hu, Managing Director for J.P. Morgan Private Bank: “Fresh Start has a strong record of success in providing essential services to help women become self-sufficient. At JPMorgan Chase, we’re thrilled to help Fresh Start expand its skills training, financial coaching, wrap-around support, and access to culturally-competent mental health services for women of color.”

This announcement was part of JPMorgan Chase’s $30 billion racial equity commitment to drive economic inclusion and build on the firm’s $500 million, five-year initiative to invest in solutions to drive equitable growth and community-based strategies across the country.

About Fresh Start Women’s Foundation 

Fresh Start’s mission is to provide access and resources that help women achieve self-sufficiency and use their strength to thrive. Our ultimate vision is to create unlimited opportunities for women. Over three decades, Fresh Start has supported more than 50,000 Arizona women, serving approximately 3,000 women each year. 86% are mothers, 60% are single mothers and 64% are women of color. Fresh Start offers focused programs, services, access to training and education, as well as employment and career services to help women reach their personal and professional goals. For more information, visit 

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