Free transport for seniors inaugurated this Monday in Fleurance

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Written by Doug Hampton

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The Fleuri’bus was inaugurated yesterday. This is an intra-urban shuttle intended for seniors from Fleurantin to circulate in the city centre.

The Le Fleuri’bus shuttle was inaugurated this Monday in Fleurance. Brigitte Laurentie-Roux, municipal councilor for intergeneration and seniors, explained the genesis of this achievement: “Coming back to Fleurance, we formed a group with all these ladies, friends who were in high school with me and whom I I found. Under the previous municipality and with the support of Grégory Bobbato, we created a small working group called “Senior Observatory”, based on the program Ville Ami des Avenirs. Among these ideas, there was the minibus and these two routes which had been prepared then”.

The circuits will evolve according to the requests

Ronny Guardia-Mazzoleni, mayor of Fleurance, then spoke: “I am very happy to be able to officially inaugurate the Fleuri’bus, an idea that germinated following our conversations between Brigitte and Véronique Pasquali, director of the CCAS. As part of our Age-Friendly City label, we wanted to set up a shuttle to facilitate the transport of seniors to the city center from residential areas. The idea is to irrigate the city center, to facilitate the movement of those who do not have or no longer have the possibility of moving, in a sustainable or punctual way. We wanted it to be free for Fleurantines and Fleurantins to have access to services and shops, to facilitate their daily lives, travel, meetings (let’s not forget the Fleurantin home)… The Fleuri’bus started on May 3 on an experimental basis on routes that are intended to evolve, we will adjust them according to requests. It is complementary to transport on demand in Lomagne Gersoise”.

On registrations

Then, the mayor greeted the economic actors who participated financially in the project through advertising. People likely to take it must register with the municipal center for social action (CCAS) and in September, these circuits will be adjusted according to the needs of users from Fleurantin over the age of 60.
Secure stops are marked out and signposted. Currently, the Fleuri’bus runs on Wednesday afternoons, Thursday mornings and Friday mornings, it is being tested.

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