Four candidates from “Beijing Express” in the fight against cancer this Tuesday, May 16 in Auch

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Written by Doug Hampton

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Launched in a tour of France by bike to collect donations for the League against cancer, Fabrice and Briac, iconic duo of season 12 of “Beijing Express”, will stop by Auch this Tuesday, May 16. They will be welcomed, among others, by “Papy Jean-Claude” and Axel Hourteillan, another flagship duo of the television show.

It is an unusual visit which is announced on the side of the premises of the League against cancer of the Gers, at 5 chemin du Moulin de la Ribère, in Auch, this Tuesday, May 16. For good reason, engaged in a tour of France by bike for the benefit of the League against cancer, Fabrice and Briac, emblematic duo of the 12th season of “Beijing Express: The road of 50 volcanoes”, will stop in the capital of the department around 4 p.m.

Since April 10, the two adventurers, who made friends on the roads of Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia during the filming of the television show in 2019, have therefore taken to the road again, this time ci by bike and for a good cause, starting the second edition of the “FaBriac Tour”. Namely, a journey of 6 months, in three stages, through the roads of France, in order to collect the sum of 20,000 euros in the form of donations, donated entirely to the League against cancer.

In 2021, through 6 stages, Fabrice and Briac had already taken up the sporting and solidarity challenge, with the objective of collecting 1 euro per km traveled. After following a mode of operation similar to that of “Beijing Express”, staying with locals, and surveyed 10,000 kilometers by bike, the duo had collected more than 13,000 euros.

In addition to Paris, Lille, Lyon, Chambéry, San Sebastien or even Biarritz… the capital of Gascony is therefore on the road map, this Tuesday, May 16, of the two acolytes. A perfect opportunity for Nadia Benoît, president of the Gers Cancer League, to raise awareness among as many people as possible about the fight against cancer. “It’s open to everyone. There will be a snack on their arrival and for the cover we decided with the volunteers to make a Spanish inn. This will also be an opportunity to recall the use of the funds collected. »

“We have all been affected by this disease from near or far”

The two adventurers will be able to count on strong support, since two other candidates from the flagship program of the M6 ​​channel, Jean-Claude Gayrin and his grandson, Axel Hourteillan, will be present to welcome them. Always eager for new challenges, the first of them intends to play the game or rather the challenge of Fabrice and Briac. “I will try to find them before they arrive in Auch, to do the last kilometers with them”, confides “grandpa Jean-Claude”, impatient to physically meet for the first time the other duo of “Beijing Express”.

Committed to social issues, as secretary general of the Gers branch of Secours Populaire, Jean-Claude Gayrin is also not insensitive to the cause supported by Fabrice and Briac. “We have all already been affected by this disease from near or far,” underlines the Gersois.

Meet this Tuesday, May 16, at 4 p.m., at the premises of the League Against Cancer, to meet the two pairs of “Beijing Express”, and, above all, to participate in a moment of exchanges around the fight against cancer, a disease responsible for more than 150,000 deaths in France in 2018 alone.

League against cancer: pillar of research

A non-governmental organization, based on the generosity of citizens and the commitment of its supporters, the League Against Cancer is the leading associative funder of cancer research. With more than 500,000 members and 20,000 volunteers, the League is organized into a federation of 103 departmental committees. Together, they fight in four complementary directions: seek to heal, prevent to protect, accompany to help, mobilize to act.

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