“Find the shrink that suits you, the first time”, this start-up improves care

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Written by Doug Hampton

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Finding the right psychologist the first time is the mission that the start-up EANQA, which recently won an award at the E-Health universities, sets out to carry out. The service is free for patients.

How to find the right psychologist, adapted to your personality, your needs and your expectations, the first time? “It’s always a bit of a hassle when you’re looking for a shrink. Either you get advice from someone close to you, but the therapist who pleases a person may not be suitable for you. Either you’re looking for a little to chance, and often, you have to try several psychologists to find the right one”.

“Got through 4 different shrinks in 18 months before finding the right person”

This observation is Jérémy Muratet who made it personally, during a mourning, a few years ago. “I went through the offices of four different psychologists in 18 months, before finding the right person”.

The young entrepreneur launched EANQA (phoenix in Arabic) in 2021, surrounding himself with developers but also specialist psychologists. Its site, which received two trophies at the E-Health Universities in Castres (Tarn) last June, puts you in touch with a panel of psychologists, all referenced by the Regional Health Agency.

Precise questions, a clear and concise questionnaire to guide the patient

Do you prefer a therapist who “actively encourages you to express your difficult emotions”, or conversely, who “does not actively encourage you to express your difficult emotions”? Do you prefer a shrink who invites you to talk “more about your past”, or “more about your present and your future?” Are you looking for someone who “looks more to challenge your behaviors and thoughts”, or “who looks more to support you unconditionally”?

Couple problems, bereavement, relationship difficulties, violence…

Through this type of question, asked directly on the EANQA site, the team of psychologists will be able to identify your needs, after having asked you for what type of event you wish to consult: couple problems, bereavement, relationship difficulties, hypersensitivity, fear separation, violence, parenting support, etc.

Free for patients

“With this questionnaire, the patient projects himself into the therapy. He will engage more easily. For the psychologist who decides to be referenced on our site, it is also the guarantee of a so-called qualified patient, who has already carried out an approach, answered questions. Without this work upstream, it is estimated that 80% of therapies stop after 3 sessions, because the bond of trust with the psychologist has not been created”, explains the creator of EANQA. The site is obviously free for patients.

The stakes are high, since 13 million French people suffered from mental disorders in 2021 and 60% of them, or 7.8 million, were not taken care of.

Website: eanqa.fr

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