Fight against medical deserts: a new doctor settles in Lafrancaise

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Written by Doug Hampton

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The town of Lafrancaise, in Tarn-et-Garonne, now has two general practitioners thanks to the installation of Dr Nadia Chekroun. Good news for the people.

There was a time when the arrival of a new doctor in the field went unnoticed. From now on, medical deserts helping, the installation of a practitioner is of paramount importance. This is the case in Lafrancaise, in Tarn-et-Garonne, where doctor Nadia Chekroun (not to be confused with Nadia Chekroun geriatrician in Montauban) will open her office located at the health center, from Monday July 17, 2023 After a whirlwind stint at the Maison de santé de Lafrancaise since last January, she decided to strike out on her own.

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“I needed to feel useful”

After completing her medical studies in Paris, graduating, she followed her husband to the region and worked at the Pinède rehabilitation center in Saint-Nauphary. “There, I took care of a patient who had no doctor despite his pathologies and I who wanted to do humanitarian work, I told myself that we could do it without going very far. . I needed to feel useful.”

Since the retirement of Dr. Michel Carlin, the town of 2,900 inhabitants had only one doctor. “We are delighted, it’s good news, comments Mayor Thierry Delbreil. The layout of the Health Center was decisive. We no longer had a physiotherapist, there are five of them, we have two psychomotor therapists, a dietitian, a podiatrist and five nurses.In the community of communes, a third doctor is expected in Meauzac and there is a project to set up in Loubejac.At the intercommunal level, we are able to accommodate two new doctors. “

Already 800 patients

After a few months at the Maison de santé de Lafrancaise, Nadia Chekroun does not regret her choice. “In rural areas, the behavior of patients and the relationships we have are different, whereas in town, patients are in consumption. There is a lot of suffering at the moment, people are more and more alone I can understand that young colleagues are reluctant to settle in the countryside. You learn the practice of medicine in the hospital where you are surrounded. There is the fear of finding yourself alone in a desert environment. It is necessary to have a bit of experience and be versatile.”

Doctor Chekroun can already count on a panel of 800 patients. “I also have patients who come from Labastide-du-Temple, Moissac and Montauban for a few. The objective is to reach 2000 patients, knowing that many no longer have a treating doctor. I recruited a medical secretary to support me in this task.” Still a few boxes to put away and consultations to start.

Dr. Chekroun will begin his consultations on July 17, Monday to Saturday by appointment. Such. 05 63 91 45 48.

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