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An alternative to tobacco consumption, the electronic cigarette is gaining more and more followers. Overview of how it works.

Did you know ? The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, has a somewhat more formal name, namely Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (SEDEN). That said, nicotine is not necessarily present in the liquids accompanying the device, but we will come back to this.

In the vast majority of cases, users of electronic cigarettes are people wishing to enter the smoking cessation phase.

Operation of the electronic cigarette

E-cigarettes are marketed in specialized shops or from an online merchant, such as CigaretteElec. But what are they made of, and how do they work?

The elements of the vaper

  • The battery: accompanied by at least one USB port for electric charging and a screen, a button to create steam,
  • The clearomizer (upper part of the device) which carries the vapor;
  • Resistance;
  • The e-liquid whose vapor will be inhaled.


To put it simply, once the button is pressed by the user, the resistance will be electrically powered and will therefore heat the components of the liquid contained in the e-cigarette.

The vapor formed will rise through the chimney of the clearomiser to the mouth of the device and therefore the mouth of the user who will be able to inhale it.

Multitudes of e-liquids

What are the ingredients of the contained liquid?

  • Propylene glycol, colorless liquid, almost odorless, slightly viscous;
  • Vegetable glycerin, rather viscous, thick, and just as colorless.

These two components will be used to create vapor (glycerin produces more vapor) and to deliver aroma.

  • Nicotine (which may be absent), to be dosed according to consumption when the user smoked traditional cigarettes;
  • Flavourings, mainly food and whether natural, synthetic or both.

The aromas are very, very numerous (thousands) and are distinguished in large families: tobacco, menthol, fruity, drinks and gourmands (aromas of cookies, cakes, etc.).

If it is also purchased in a specialized store or on the internet, the e-liquid can also be prepared by the user for extreme personalization.

e-cigarette models

We distinguish :

electronic cigarette tube

As the name suggests, it has a simple shape and is often favored by people new to vaping. Main advantage: its ease of use.

The electronic cigarette pod

Also loved by first-time vapers, the e-cigarette pod is characterized by the absence of a clearomiser but by the presence of a type of tank with a resistance on board.

While some pods can be filled, others are disposable. Again, some have resistors that can be removed and replaced because they wear out over time.

The electronic cigarette box

This type of product is suitable for experienced vapers and vapers. Indeed, an e-cigarette box allows you to modulate your experience, vaping can be personalized (more or less steam, etc.) and generally they are much more powerful than other models.

The disposable electronic cigarette

Extremely simple, the disposable version already filled with liquid! The gesture that accompanies its use is reminiscent of that of traditional cigarette smokers, which can help former heavy smokers in weaning.

When the tank is empty, the object can be thrown away.

Electronic cigarette and health

If the health authorities, led by the WHO, advise against the use of electronic cigarettes by people who have never smoked tobacco, they seem to constitute a useful tool for smoking cessation by virtue of the benefit/risk balance.

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