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Written by Doug Hampton

WATERTOWN, Mass., May 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fluent BioSciences, a life science tools company, delivering single-cell technology to laboratories across the United States and abroad, collaborates with Genspace by sponsoring a community science workshop in Brooklyn, NY. They hope to empower scientists by breaking down barriers in a field which has previously been marred by prohibitive costs and expertise requirements.

At Genspace, their mission is clear: to demystify scientific processes, ignite curiosity, and provide a platform for innovation. They offer a diverse range of hands-on STEAM education programs, catering to both youth and adults, empowering them to unlock their potential and actively engage in the world of biology. Beyond education, Genspace serves as a dynamic center for cultural and outreach events, enriching the public’s understanding of science and its impact on society.

‘My graduate student Paul Frazel was thrilled to bring Fluent BioSciences and Genspace together to empower community scientists through the transformative potential of PIPseq,” said Dr. Shane Liddelow, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience Institute of NYU School of Medicine. “By providing accessible tools and educational opportunities, we aim to make research more accessible, enabling more individuals to actively participate in the world of biology. This partnership embodies our shared commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering innovation within the scientific community. We strongly believe that the scalability and low barrier to entry afforded by PIPseq will enable us to bring single cell technology to the masses.”

Fluent BioSciences’ 3′ Single Cell RNA Kits can capture 2,000-100,000+ cells per reaction. Using PIPseq T2 kits, the community scientists captured 2000 nuclei from sea anemone, Aiptasia, samples. Many in the course had no biology experience; however, the user friendliness and simplicity of PIPseq enabled them to take part in the workshop.

“Our learners were excited to participate in this workshop,” said Elizabeth Tuck, Genspace’s Executive Director. “The opportunity to use technology that is typically reserved for academic and industry labs in a community setting opens up new worlds of possibilities. Our community scientists ask questions that traditional researchers may not consider, and with accessible technology like PIPseq and excellent scientific collaborators like Paul, our scientists can actually answer their own questions.” 

To learn more about the Genspace programs or the work they have done using PIPseq contact [email protected] or [email protected].

SOURCE Fluent BioSciences

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