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Emma Heming Willis and Helen Christoni Launch Make Time Wellness for Women



New Supplement Brand Prioritizes Brain Health, Body and Beauty In Women’s Wellness Routine

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Emma Heming Willis and Helen Christoni are announcing the launch of Make Time Wellness, a company offering science-backed supplements tailored specifically for women, with a focus on brain health, body & beauty. The duo is also starting a Make Time Movement to encourage women to Make Time for their well-being. Today, the brand is releasing its first four products—two nutrient-rich wellness drink powders, Make Time for Brain Health ($49) and Make Time for Prenatal Health ($49); and two gummy vitamins, Make Time Women’s Multi-Vitamin ($24) and Make Time Prenatal Vitamin ($24).

The initial launch includes two supplements. Make Time for Brain Health is a brain, body & beauty drink powder that incorporates a Women’s Multivitamin, Biotin & Folate and Medium-Chain Triglycerides, Curcumin, Omegas, and L-Carnitine to support brain health, cognition and focus at any stage of life and, Make Time for Prenatal Health includes key ingredients for optimal pre-conception and pregnancy wellness, such as Folate, Biotin, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

Two vitamins will also be released for the debut of Make Time Wellness, both as gummies to make ingestion simpler and more convenient for women to take consistently. The brand encourages consumers to “ditch the pill.” The Make Time Women’s Multivitamin includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin B to provide optimal daily nutrition specifically for a woman. As a woman’s nutritional needs shift during pregnancy, she can switch to the Make Time Prenatal Vitamin with Folate to support her changing body and growing baby.

Christoni shared, “Make Time was created because Emma and I want women to embrace making time for themselves and bring brain health to the forefront of their wellness routine, while also making time for body and beauty. Women now make up two-thirds of the world’s Alzheimer patients1, and no one is talking about it. I’m surprised that there isn’t more information and awareness around prevention through lifestyle, nutrition and supplements.”

“We started Make Time Wellness to get the world thinking seriously about women’s brains, body and beauty, in that order. My primary mission is to raise awareness around brain health, dementia, and caregivers,” relayed Heming Willis. “Our Make Time Wellness social impact program will make a donation with every purchase to support Hilarity for Charity (HFC).”

Make Time Wellness is launching today through its website, The plan is to continue building out the supplement offerings and new products are already in the pipeline.

About Make Time Wellness
Make Time was created to help women prioritize their brain, body and beauty—in that order, while making more time for themselves. Co-Founders Emma Heming Willis and Helen Christoni were surprised by the lack of education, awareness and products that make women’s brain health a priority. No one even talks about it. They decided to turn their frustration into a global conversation, while providing effective wellness products backed by science to help busy women put their brain health and overall wellness above all else. More than a brand, Make Time is a movement, committed to helping women make time for themselves as well as research, education and giving back to charity. To learn more about Make Time, visit and follow @maketimewellness on Instagram.


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