Do tall people have more health concerns?

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Written by Doug Hampton

Being tall has certain advantages, especially when you are a basketball player or when you attend a concert. But a large size also involves certain inconveniences, especially in terms of health.

Being a few centimeters taller than the others does not only have advantages. Back pain is often presented as one of the evils of the century… and grown-ups are often victims of it. Indeed, according to the results of a study carried out by a French team, men over 1m78 and women over 1m66 present a higher risk of developing low back pain. Worse, the severity of low back pain increases with height!

It must be admitted that in many aspects – from low doorways to the height of sinks – daily activities can encourage adults to move inappropriately. And the effects of poor posture can cause back pain and issues over time.

Tall people are also more prone to injury than others, especially in sports. “Longer limbs mean a higher distance from the ground which results in some pretty nasty falls”explains the Weymouth chiropractic center in the United Kingdom.

Varicose veins, infections…

According to a large study published in 2022, tall people – defined as taller than 1m80 – also have more health problems.

American researchers examined more than 1,000 pathologies among 250,000 white, Hispanic and black men and women in the United States. To focus only on the size of the participants, they excluded all confounding factors such as economic or smoking status, for example.

The results confirmed previous findings that being tall is linked to a higher risk of atrial fibrillation and varicose veins. The study also showed new associations between greater height and a higher risk of peripheral neuropathy, which is caused by damage to nerves in the extremities, as well as infections of the skin and bones, such as ulcers in the legs. legs and feet.

Not only disadvantages

On the other hand, scientists have not investigated why tall people suffer more from certain health problems. One of their theories is that blood needs to be pumped a longer distance, which can reduce the flow rate – essential for keeping the body healthy. Another idea, carrying more body mass could also put more pressure on the bones, muscles and feet.

However, being tall does not only have disadvantages. Tall people had a lower risk of some major comorbidities, including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

If you’re tall, there’s no need to get depressed. These are just statistics. Height is only one contributing factor to overall life expectancy… but certainly not the most significant. Body weight, genes, education, economic status, smoking and alcohol… play far more important roles.

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