Democracy Is “Under Attack”- Biden Warns

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Written by Doug Hampton

It’s almost midterm election time in the USA and the current President Joe Biden has delivered a speech. On Wednesday, the president put forward some strong points and urged the citizens to not support political violence. He also asked them to vote for someone who protects democracy. As Biden gave his speech from Washington, United Nation, he said that –All kinds of political violence activities and voter intimidation should be opposed through a strong voice.

He added that voters must take their stand and speak against the ongoing political violence. The differences within America shouldn’t be settled with a hammer, mobster, or bullet. Rather, it should be handled at the ballet box peacefully.

In The Last Stretch Before The Midterms Biden Warns That Democracy Is “Under Attack”

Joe Biden spoke about the attack that was witnessed on the husband of Nancy Pelosi (the House Speaker). He gave a few details about the way an intruder attacked Nancy’s home in California and hit her husband with a hammer. The attacker was asking for Nancy when he entered the house. The mafia used the same words when he attacked US Capitol in January. He broke down all the doors and windows.

Democracy Is Under Attack- Biden Warns

As Joe Biden continued his speech, he said that the January attack was a crime of madness. He said that during 2020, Donald Trump gave many false hopes to the public that are still being persuaded in the current election cycle. There are some Republican election candidates that are believing Trump’s lies that were prevalent in the 2020 election race.

Adding to these statements, Biden said that the US democracy might be under attack as to date, Donald Trump (who got defeated in 2020) hasn’t accepted the 2020 election results. According to the current president, Trump doesn’t believe in or respect what the voters have decided. He still hasn’t accepted the defeat.

Addressing the vote counts, Biden said that the exact number would take time to be revealed. It would take a few days for the final result declaration. He added that conducting the legitimate ballots’ counting in a proper form takes quite some time.

Over 28 million US citizens came ahead and voted for the 2022 general elections.

This Wednesday’s speech came out six days after election day. There, the democrats defended their majority in Congress.

According to the predictions by FiveThirtyEight, it is possible that as the senate moves, the Republican candidates can take over.

The last few days of the entire campaign process have been completely swamped by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, and other prominent political personalities. They have motivated the voters to come ahead and vote. This was done when there were controversial races happening across the country.

President Joe Biden hopes that the 2022 election cycle won’t be about the presidency but a decision between MAGA republicans and democrats. According to Biden, republicans are extremists who threaten the right to privacy, same-sex marriage, and abortion rights in the country. This is certainly something that no citizen wants.

Joe Biden has come forward with a request to the citizens. In his speech, Biden said that the people should focus on generational and national importance rather than political fights. He urged the people to vote by understanding what is at stake.

According to the polls, the problem of majority voters is with the kitchen table. 26% of citizens are focused on economical problems and 23% are focused on inflation.

Now that the voting decision is yet to be declared, the fate of the people and democracy would be revealed soon. The race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump has seen many faces before and is yet to see more.

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