Curebase Announces Omnisite™ Offering to Recruit and Enroll Patients Anywhere

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Written by Doug Hampton

Expanding patient access by reaching geographies untapped by traditional clinical research sites.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Curebase, a company committed to democratizing access to clinical studies and a leader in decentralized clinical trial (DCT) execution, is now offering Omnisite™, a flexible site model that leverages a number of the company’s existing capabilities to reach patients where they are at home and in real-world medical settings.

Omnisite™ offers a variety of direct solutions to common clinical research challenges by increasing the geographic reach of a study, accelerating recruitment, improving diversity, and reducing patient burden resulting in increased patient retention. Curebase has been operating components of Omnisite™ in all 50 states, to enable sponsors and CROs across pharma, digital therapeutics, and diagnostics to enroll qualified patients who otherwise would not be able to participate due to geographic limitations. Now Omnisite™ is being offered by Curebase as a unified set of capabilities that can be added to any study.

Whether sponsors are looking to add a site to an ongoing study, or are in the early stages of study design, Omnisite™ is fast and simple to activate. Available now, the full range of flexible capabilities include:

  • Experienced telemedicine PIs
  • Virtual clinical research coordinators (CRCs)
  • Mobile care teams
  • Community clinic network
  • Direct-to-patient recruitment

“Curebase has always been committed to modernizing clinical trials in a way that makes participating in them easier, and Omnisite™ is an extension of that,” said Tom Lemberg, founder and CEO of Curebase. “Omnisite™ is designed to reach patients in the real world making studies more accessible to patients who have historically been underrepresented in clinical trials.”

For most study sponsors, finding a site model that aligns with their protocol needs but can adapt to unforeseen recruitment obstacles can be challenging. Curebase Omnisite™ has the customization abilities to meet a range of unique needs. By leveraging Curebase’s remote-first research team, network of integrated care partners, and cutting-edge technology, sponsors can deliver their trials directly to patients without the limitations of geography.

To learn more about Curebase’s Omnisite™ offering, please visit

About Curebase
At Curebase, our mission is to bring quality medical innovations to patients faster and improve human well-being through more efficient clinical studies. We are proving that clinical research can be radically accelerated if we empower physicians everywhere to enroll patients in the communities where they live. By applying cutting-edge clinical software and remote study management techniques to the problem, we are reinventing clinical trials and research from the ground up. For more information, please visit

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