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Crypto Cash Flow Review – Can It Help To Generate Passive Income?



Crypto Cash Flow Review

Today, I am going to review a great solution for people who are wondering about where to get started on their crypto journey. Yes, that’s right, this is a Crypto Cash Flow review! 

Have you ever thought of how people have made millions of dollars in crypto trading? Well, there is no such trick to it, just like one needs knowledge and guidance to invest, thrive, and earn in the stock market, one needs knowledge and guidance to be successful in the cryptocurrency market as well. 

Crypto Cash Flow Review – A Complete System On How To Make Money From Cryptocurrencies!

And that is exactly what Crypto Cash Flow is all about – a one-place solution to all your crypto-related problems. The Crypto Currency Market scene right now is highly volatile since Crypto is on the rise and many uneducated people are in the field. Crypto Cash Flow course will help you in finding solutions to all your Cryptocurrency trading problems.

Crypto Cash Flow Reviews

About Crypto Cash Flow

Crypto Cash Flow is an educational platform that will help you learn everything about buying, selling, and trading Crypto Currency, NFTs, and Nodes.

In simple words, a Crypto CashFlow membership course will help you manage your digital wealth by helping you improve your trading skills and guiding you about the market conditions and more.

Crypto Cash Flow is an all-in-one platform that will help you learn the entirety of the system on how to make money from Crypto Currency, NFTs, and Nodes, on demand.

Who Created Crypto Cash Flow?

Crypto Cash Flow was created by Joshua Montoya & Marty Cooney.

Here is what they have to say;

“After investing in the cryptocurrency markets for years and seeing gain after gain, we think we have found a technique that could possibly make astronomical profits month after month. 

Because of this, we want to show you how to use the rapidly developing cryptocurrency industry to create Digital Wealth that will pay you every month. Others regard it as a “fad” or a fraud, while some think it may be the next big thing with the potential to alter the world. 

The fact is that cryptocurrencies are all here to remain, and those who don’t believe this will really lose out. While people who support cryptocurrencies may be able to make money that will change their lives if they understand how to capitalize them.”

Crypto Cash Flow Creator

How To Make Money From Cryptocurrency By Using Crypto Cash Flow?

The most common question that might arise in your mind is,

“How do I get started with Crypto Trading?” 

The way most people go forth is that they invest in any cryptocurrency which is on the rise or, they blindly invest in Bitcoin or DogeCoin, or any other popular Cryptocurrency. 

Usually, these people do not get higher profit margins and need to invest for a very long term in order to see profits. On the other side, there are people who research, learn and understand the market with the help of platforms like the Crypto Cashflow system and then invest. 

By understanding the market, you can know what crypto to invest in and read market trends.

To get into the very basics and the extreme detail, the course is divided onto 6 basic modules by Crypto Cash Flow membership course, these are discussed here in the Crypto Cash Flow review – 

Module #1 – Mastering Your Mindset

This Crypto Cash Flow module will help you Overcome your “Market Fear”. It will also teach you how to prioritize profits over greed. The module will also make you realize how important it is to diversify your holdings. 

Also, it will help you know about long-term thinking which is absolutely essential for long-term gains. It will also teach you how to take and manage risks. 

A Vision Board and layout are also crucial for long-term benefits and this module will tell you how!

Module #2 – Blockchain Basics

The second module of the Crypto Cash Flow crypto course is all about the basics of blockchain.

It will teach you everything about Blockchain, Web 2 and Web 3, Crypto Currency, Crypto Wallet, The Metaverse, DeFi, Smart Contract, and the important rules and regulations you need to know.

Module #3 – The Crypto Bank

This module will cover Crypto Email Accounts, How To Stay Safe With Google Searches, Common Scams To Avoid, Tools To Protect Yourself online, Hot & Cold Wallets, Ledger Nano, Unboxing and Setting Up Your Ledger, Ledger Live Walkthrough, Crypto Exchanges, How To Create Your Coinbase Account, How To Buy, Sell & Convert Crypto on Coinbase, How To Buy & Sell with Limit, Market and Stop-Limit, Orders on Coinbase, How To Cash Out Crypto On Coinbase and How To Get Ledger Live On Your Mobile Device.

Module #4 – Crypto Market Research

The fourth module of the Crypto Cash Flow online membership course is all about The Different Types of Cryptocurrencies, Market Cycles, Timing The Market, Averaging the Dollar Cost, Research Tools for Crypto Market, Building Your Portfolio, Crypto Coin Goals, Market Trends, Investment In Companies That Solve Problems, CCF Market Research Criteria, XRP Research, GALA Research, ETH Research, and Crypto Staking Rewards.

Module #5 – NFT Magic

This module will take you through NFTs and help you understand what exactly are NFTs, what is “Gas” & how it works. It will also talk about what minting means. Hot Wallets & Private Key Recap, What Is Metamask, and how to create your account? 

How To Create Multiple Wallets, swap Crypto On Metamask, speed up and cancel transactions on Metamask, connect your ledger to Metamask, enable blind signing with the ledger, opensea, create your opensea account, CCF NFT Cash Flow Strategy, get whitelisted for NFT Project, Minting NFT’s From Contract, Etherscan and how to use rarity tools.

Module #6 – Node Automation

Module six of the Crypto Cashflow program talks about Nodes. It will answer questions like what are Nodes and Crypto mining? It will also take you through different types of Nodes, researching Node Projects, creating Your Gala Games Account, different types of Gala Nodes, and setting up your Node Empire.

Module #7 – Bonus: The Gala Treasure Chest

Teaches you all about the Gala Treasure Chest!

Module #8 – Bonus: Preserving Wealth Through Diversification

Teaches you how to preserve your earnings through diversification of earning sources.

Continue reading this Crypto Cash Flow review to know more about the Crypto Cash Flow education program.

Key Features Of Crypto Cash Flow Membership Course

Crypto Cash Flow
  • Modular

The whole Crypto Cash Flow monthly newsletter program is broken down into easy-to-learn modules. Breaking down the program into modules and then chapters make it easier to understand for the general public and it maximizes the effect of the course.

  • Value for money

If we talk about the money’s worth, once you realize the potential of crypto and crypto trading, the course would be priceless. It will help you earn six figures just from crypto if you do everything right! At the price point, the Crypto CashFlow crypto course is offered at, I think it is value for money for sure!

  • At Home Learning

And the best part about it is that you do not even have to leave the premises of your house! Everything is in your comfort so that you can focus on the contents and learn everything quickly and easily.

  • Question and Answer Sessions

Crypto Cash Flow offers many Question and Answer Sessions directly with Josh and Marty. You can ask all your crypto-related queries to the creators themselves and also any doubts in the course itself.

What Do You Get With The Crypto Cash Flow Program? 

The Crypto Cashflow crypto program is created with customers and learning in mind. It offers you two types of membership programs with many benefits.

The two Crypto Cash Flow programs are as follows – 

  1. V.I.P. Admission (costs $97/Month)
  • Full VIP Access To The Crypto Cash Flow Membership Course  (Valued at – $4997)
  • Free Access To The Crypto Cash Flow Mastermind Facebook Group with Joshua Montoya & Marty Cooney (Valued at – $997)
  • Exclusive Access to the “Crypto Cash Flow Quick Start Guide” (Valued at – $497)
  • Crypto Cash Flow VIP Coaching Calls (Valued at – $4997)
  • Question & Answer sessions with Josh & Marty (Valued at – $1997)
  • Monthly Crypto Cash Flow Giveaways (Valued at – $1997)
  • Free access to all future “Crypto Cash Flow Mini-Courses” and branded Crypto Cash Flow Membership Content.
  1. Platinum Admission (Annual Admission at just $497 instead of $1,164)
  • Full VIP Access To The Crypto Cash Flow Membership Course  (Valued at – $4997)
  • Free Access To The Crypto Cash Flow Mastermind Facebook Group with Joshua Montoya & Marty Cooney (Valued at – $997)
  • Exclusive Access to the “Crypto Cash Flow Quick Start Guide” (Valued at – $497)
  • Crypto Cash Flow VIP Coaching Calls (Valued at – $4997)
  • Question & Answer sessions with Josh & Marty (Valued at – $1997)
  • Monthly Crypto Cash Flow Giveaways (Valued at – $1997)
  • Free access to all future “Crypto Cash Flow Mini-Courses” and branded Crypto Cash Flow Membership Content.

Pros And Cons Of Crypto Cash Flow

Pros Of Crypto Cash Flow

Talking about the Crypto Cash Flow pros, we have


  • At home learning
  • Since the Crypto Cash Flow course can be taken at the learner’s leisure and is completely online, more people can learn without any obstruction. Even introverted people feel at home while the course goes on.
  • Platinum Program Deal
  • The Platinum Program comes in at just $497 instead of $1,167 and for the value it provides, it is an absolute bargain!
  • Step By Step Learning
  • The course is broken down into modules and chapters for ease of learning. The course goes from basic to advanced level and it explains every concept in detail in a step-by-step manner.

Cons Of Crypto Cash Flow

There are no Crypto Cash Flow cons but since we are dealing in crypto, one needs to be ready to take risks. If I had to list some I would say –


  • No guaranteed earnings
  • No Risk Coverage

Crypto Cash Flow Customer Reviews 

Here are some of the Crypto Cash Flow reviews from verified users.

  • Seth T.

“Absolute Value for money!”

Crypto Cash Flow is absolutely worth the $497 I paid! What it has taught me is worth way more than the five hundred bucks I’ve paid. I’ve acquired a skill for a lifetime and not to mention, an earning that will last a lifetime!

  • Kristina G.

“Loving the Modular Approach”

The course is broken down into modules which makes it super easy to grab! The course itself is so so easy to understand and not to mention Josh and Marty’s guidance!

  • Samuel A.

“Easy to Grab”

The program is simple to understand but since it is my very first time dabbling into crypto and related markets, I was a bit skeptical. But after completing the first module, I am now worry-free!

Is Crypto Cash Flow Worth It?

My experience with the Crypto Cash Flow monthly newsletter has been pretty favorable. According to me, Crypto Cash Flow is absolutely worth every penny sit helps you create an income stream that will be there throughout your lifetime!

Pricing And Availability Of Crypto Cash Flow

Before jumping to the Crypto Cash Flow prices, I would like to mention that Crypto Cash Flow is an inclusive program and cannot be found on any other e-commerce websites like amazon. 

It is also not available offline. The only way you can access/purchase the course is through the Crypto Cash Flow official website.

Now, the prices –

The V.I.P Admission (Monthly) is for $97/Month

The Platinum Admission (Annual) is for flat $497. The price has been discounted from $1,167 to $497!

Alternatives In The Market 

Crypto Code Mastermind by Crypto Swap Profit.

Crypto Code Mastermind or Crypto Swap Profit is another such program that teaches about crypto trading. I personally like the Crypto Cash Flow education platform more due to its modularity and easier learning approach.

Crypto Cash Flow Reviews – Final Verdict

It is time I give my final opinion on the details mentioned in the Crypto Cash Flow review. To start off, the thing I liked the most about Crypto Cash Flow is its module system. It makes learning so much easier. 

Now the thing that I wish it taught more about – is risk coverage. As I traded more and more, I learned a skill called Risk Distribution. I wish the Crypto Cash Flow course would’ve taught me more about dealing with risks. 

Overall, it was a positive experience and I would definitely recommend the Crypto Cash Flow membership course.

FAQs: Enquiries And Doubts

  1. Who is the Crypto Cash Flow for?

For people who want to get started with Crypto Trading.

  1. How much does Crypto Cash Flow cost?

The V.I.P Admission (Monthly) is for $97/Month and the Platinum Admission (Annual) is for a flat $497.

  1. Do I really get access for lifetime?

As long as you maintain your membership, yes.

  1. What if I don’t know anything about Crypto?

Well, this course is designed to make you familiar with Crypto, so there is absolutely no prior knowledge required about crypto!

  1. What if I don’t have time to learn crypto?

The course doesn’t take months or years to complete, you can give in as little as 30 minutes a day and learn everything about crypto!


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