Condom. Alzheimer’s: a film and a charter to inform and act

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Written by Doug Hampton

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Condom has become a “helping city”. Information to the public, professionals mobilized: means to help families and patients.

As part of an awareness campaign for the general public, the France Alzheimer and Related Diseases Association (FAMA) organized a screening at the “Le Gascogne” cinema. On the screen, in the presence of about sixty people, the film “A crazy life” (directed by Ann Siro and Raphaël Balboni) made it possible to emphasize the disorders caused by the degeneration of neurons.

In this film very well interpreted, we could feel all the upheavals of a family. Between devotion and the forgetting of his own life by the caregiver at his mother’s bedside, the consequences of the arrival of Alzheimer’s in a home were clearly mentioned.

“Aging Well”

After the broadcast, Dr Éric Charpin answered various questions about this pathology. Then, the Community of Municipalities of Tenarèze (CCT), with many speakers including the president of the CCT Maurice Boison, spoke about “aging well” with devices such as day care, the SSIAD (Nursing Care Service at home), the ESA (Specialized Alzheimer’s Team) and its workshops to delay the progression of the disease. In addition, the directors of Ehpad (Accommodation Establishments for Dependent Elderly People) in Condom spoke about their places of life likely to accommodate the sick.

This evening was therefore an additional step to better manage the consequences of this “gangrénant” disease in the face of which caregivers and patients must find support, moral and medical support. Other information on diet, speech therapy methods to compensate for the lack of words of patients, on the maintenance of memory, language, reasoning or attention were also disclosed.

The Condomois and the inhabitants of Ténarèze, concerned by a handicap or in search of information on the loss of autonomy related to age, must also know that the city has signed the charter of the “helping city”.

Finally, for any information from FAMA, you can contact 06 83 83 98 51, 06 49 00 39 88 or 06 24 08 13 70.

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