Colorcon, Inc. Launches HyperStart C2C™, Smart Formulation Hub, to accelerate Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

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Written by Doug Hampton

An innovative digital platform for solid dosage form design and development that reduces time and effort from core to coating.

HARLEYSVILLE, Pa., June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Colorcon Inc. announces the launch of HyperStart C2C, Smart Formulation Hub to provide its customers with formulation design for solid oral dosage forms. This exciting platform is built on the legacy of Colorcon’s HyperStart® Formulation Service and harnesses the extensive data, experience and know-how to enable digital self-service and delivery of starting formulations and coatings for tablets. HyperStart C2C provides formulation recommendations, excipient choices, film coating options and color selection, along with integrated regulatory insights and process guidance.

From concept to commercialization, HyperStart C2C addresses the daily challenges that formulators face and uses algorithms to enable interactive formulation development from core to coating.

“HyperStart C2C is a breakthrough intuitive platform for formulators that empowers them to accelerate their product development process by reducing formulation iterations which saves time and cost, resulting in speed to market” says Dr. Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi, VP and Chief Innovation Officer at Colorcon. “We have brought together the science and expertise that Colorcon is recognized for and developed an innovative digital platform to eliminate time and cost-consuming trial and error formulation work”.

This latest innovation demonstrates Colorcon’s continued leadership in providing advanced online customer tools and service to support pharmaceutical development and complements best-in-class specialty excipients and film coating systems.

Annabel Bordmann, General Manager, Film Coating “at Colorcon we direct our agility and creativity to innovate and meet our customers’ needs. The advances we’ve made with HyperStart C2C will revolutionize the market as it plays a vital role in boosting R&D productivity and provides immense value for our customers helping to commercialize their products faster”. 

Colorcon is committed to bringing to market innovative products and services that improve wellness through convenience, compliance and safety while delivering speed and efficiency and dependable performance.

Company Information

Colorcon is a world leader in the development, supply and technical support of specialty ingredients, formulated film coating systems, modified release technologies, and functional excipients for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and animal health industries. Our best-in-class products and technologies are complemented by our extensive application data and value-added services to support all phases of oral dose design, development and manufacture. Our focus on market issues and technology development has earned Colorcon an international reputation as a design and development partner of choice.  That reputation is based on superior product quality, unparalleled technical support, extensive regulatory assistance and reliable supply from multiple locations. Colorcon has 11 manufacturing facilities, 25 technical service laboratories globally and more than 1400 employees exclusively dedicated to its customer base.

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