Children from the Panassac school visiting the Masseube nursing home

Home Children from the Panassac school visiting the Masseube nursing home
Written by Doug Hampton

Last Thursday, a group of 20 children from the Panassac school discovered the Masseube nursing home. After an epistolary correspondence, the children visited the residents. This followed the visit of residents of the Masseube nursing home who had come to the Panassac school to share moments of conviviality with the children on April 6th. It started with a guided tour by a resident, where the children discovered the premises, including the flower garden and the chicken coop. Then, children and residents shared a friendly moment around a common meal, promoting discussions and exchanges. Finally, various sports, manual or cultural activities were offered to end the day with a time of relaxation and cooperation between children and the elderly.

This day was very rich. Indeed, it has made it possible to make children aware of the cycle of life, to discover the world around them, to become aware of the specific needs and difficulties of the elderly. On the other hand, the elderly were happy to share their experience and experiences with the children who could be their grandchildren or great-grandchildren and thus forget the worries of old age and the loss of autonomy. This program set up by the Val de Gers child and youth service and the Panassac school has made it possible to establish a strong social link between the generations through these meetings.

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