Carmaux. Inclusive rugby: the “Oval’Hand” project is on track

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Written by Doug Hampton

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Associating people with multiple disabilities was one of Elodie Durand-Quintard’s objectives when she became president of USC rugby in 2022. Successful bet.

“Having projects makes us grow and makes the club grow”. This is the leitmotif of USC President Elodie Durand-Quintard. By definition, “inclusion is a democratic effort so that all citizens, with or without disabilities, can participate fully in society, according to a principle of equal rights.”

“Rugby is above all unique values ​​that unite us, underlines the president of the carmausin oval on the action she has taken. Sharing, cohesion and inclusion are part of it. We have made the observation that there was disability rugby, but not necessarily inclusion in the clubs, that is to say a mix between disabled people and other players.

And Elodie Durand-Quintard adds: thinking that everyone could contribute to the other, we created the Oval’Hand project, between the USC rugby school and children and adolescents from the Bon Sauveur Foundation in ‘Alby who are disabled.’

This project resulted in a partnership with a reception center for young people who are hard of hearing, deaf and dumb and with multiple disabilities, so that they can discover rugby in an ordinary environment.

A first session took place in May at the Jean-Vareilles stadium in Carmaux between players from the rugby school in the U12 and U14 categories and young people with multiple disabilities aged 12 to 17. “Each one has forgotten their differences from the other, indicated Elodie Durand-Quintard. In one of the various workshops, there were six students from the rugby school and a child with multiple disabilities who remained seated. A magical moment took place. happened when the young Carmausins ​​also sat down and all seven passed the ball to each other.”

The president would like to warmly thank Joshua Pinto, a work-study apprentice at the club, who took on the responsibility of coaching. But her projects do not stop there and, beyond a second session which will take place on Wednesday June 14, she plans, for the month of October, and as the end of the project, the creation of an Oval challenge ‘Hand with different structures welcoming young people with multiple disabilities.

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