Carcassonne. Tribute to the “victims” of the vaccine

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Written by Doug Hampton

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About fifty people gathered on Saturday morning at the Jacobins gate, for the local stage of the world day dedicated to patients who died following their vaccination against Covid 19.

Is there a causal link? For the fifty or so participants in the rally on Saturday morning, the Jacobins portal, there is no doubt: all the people whose names and photographs were inscribed on their placards have indeed died as a result of their vaccination against Covid 19. “Pharmacovigilance establishes relationships”assures Nathalie Granier, one of the organizers of this Carcassonne stage of an action organized on May 13 in 23 countries, including 75 cities in France. “We are not asking for anything, we just want to make people aware, to encourage them not to be injected anymore. Covid injections are fraudulently called vaccines, because these are still being tested. We have been used as guinea pigs”.

And the organizers to advance certain data: “In a year and a half, more adverse effects have been recorded worldwide for this vaccine than for the past thirty years, all vaccines combined. Since the start of injections, miscarriages have increased by more than 180%!” The Covid is no longer in the news, but the debate is far from over.

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