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Carcassonne. Alzheimer’s: young people mobilize



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Young people from the Youth Leisure Center of the Max-Savy Social Center are organizing an outing to the Australian Park, in Montlegun, in order to help people with Alzheimer’s disease.

It is at the Australian Park, in Montlegun, that seven teenagers will meet tomorrow 13 people from France Alzheimer Aude, including patients, caregivers and volunteers.

At the heart of this meeting, values ​​that are close to their hearts: mutual aid, solidarity, benevolence and altruism by supporting people in need.

Indeed, since the beginning of the year, they have taken part in a “100% Winners” project, which is an aid scheme in the form of subsidies that support creative and innovative projects on themes chosen by the allowance fund. family.

They want to rely on local association partnerships whose internal functioning and activities are based on a principle of solidarity and social utility.

This first action will therefore take place tomorrow. The outing will promote exchanges, the intergenerational link, but also to break the loneliness. Within the park, and being aware “benefits of animal mediation on the sick” as the association points out.

The group of seven young people, aged 13 to 16, will be in direct contact with the patients and their caregivers in order to be able to guide them during this visit, to discuss, and why not to create intergenerational links.

Other actions are planned for the end of the year, such as a snack organized at the Max-Savy Center with music and songs, on October 26th.

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