Cancer Snatched Away Noreen Bush’s Life After A Long Battling

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Written by Doug Hampton

The famous superintendent of the Cedar Rapids School, Noreen Bush, is no longer in this world. She died after her battle with cancer for more than two and a half years. It was on Sunday that the authority of the district confirmed her death. She was a very integral part of the Cedar Rapids Community School district. She was a very caring soul. She was known for her strong dedication to the community and the school. 

She always played the part of a leader and helped the school to make important decisions in their life. She always used to have a smiling face, and it was a blessing to meet her. Her death has brought a flood of grief to all the authorities. Everybody in the school admired her greatly because she had such a pleasing personality. It was only because of the strength provided by her that the school was able to make tough decisions. 

Her Life Journey

She was a resident of the same community where the school was located. But she was originally born in Detroit. She completed her education in Cedar Rapids only. After completing her High School Education, she began her teaching career. She initially functioned as an English and drama teacher after getting a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern love. 

Cancer Snatched Away Noreen Bush's Life After A Long Battling

She has always been responsible for maintaining an incredible career graph. She became the permanent superintendent of Cedar Rapids School in 2020. She has also been recruited as deputy superintendent and Associate superintendent in the district. All of this shows the trust that all her professionals entrusted her with. She was probably the first woman to act as a superintendent for the district. It was probably the biggest achievement of her life so far. 

Her Abilities

All her seniors were satisfied with her performance. She had a unique personality. She was probably the leader of all the leaders. It is important to understand that she had a great passion for learning different things. She had the confidence to achieve whatever she wanted by facing all the challenges that came her way. 

She is an inspiration in herself because obstacles never debtor her. It is only because of her confidence and self-realization that she has achieved almost all the success she deserved in her life. Her passion was evident in her way of working, and this was her biggest strength that had been discovered by the people so far. 

Her Fight Against Cancer

She was a fighter not only with the obstacles of her life but also with all the challenges that threatened her life. It was during the covid-19 that she not only fought against the community to protect them but also she fought with herself as she was undergoing treatment for cancer. 

Despite being so weak on the inside, she was always able to put up a tough front against the world. She worked for the school day in and day out. Students were her priority, and she waited for the day when the students would be coming to the school once again. She promoted education and all other school activities for the students’ Holistic development.


Only recently, she could not come to school regularly due to her ongoing treatment and therapy. But then also she always wanted to spend the maximum amount of time thinking about the school only. She had a heart of gold and will always be remembered by the school authorities and by every student who spent time with her. 

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