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Ball on July 14 at the Saint-Jacques nursing home in L’Isle-Jourdain



Wednesday, July 12, a festive atmosphere reigned at the accommodation establishment for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) Saint-Jacques. Indeed, rosettes and pennants prepared during a creative workshop decorated the dining room. Residents were able to celebrate the national holiday to the sound of M. Cabaret’s accordion at a ball hosted by the entertainment association La Joie d’être ensemble.

Residents, accompanied by volunteers, sang and danced to accordion tunes for their greatest pleasure. The sharing of a cake made upstream during a pastry workshop ended this festive afternoon. The association’s volunteers regularly organize events such as participation in garage sales, various sales or raffles, among other things, with the aim of providing entertainment for the elderly in the nursing home. The volunteers of the association and the management of the establishment thanked the families and all the people who support them in their approach.

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