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WASHINGTON, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ATI Advisory (ATI) announces new capabilities to support growth in the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). The National PACE Association (NPA) has added ATI Advisory to its list of approved Technical Assistance Centers (TACs) who offer full capabilities to guide and assist organizations developing and expanding PACE programs.

To meet the growing demand in PACE services, national PACE expert Jade Gong has joined ATI Advisory as Senior Advisor. With more than 30 years of experience in senior care, Gong specializes in the growth, financial sustainability, and management of PACE programs. “I am thrilled to be joining ATI to add to their proficiencies in PACE,” said Gong. “ATI is known in the healthcare advisory sector for its dedication to improving the healthcare system for individuals with complex needs and those who provide for them. PACE at ATI is a perfect fit.”

ATI supports existing and prospective PACE Organizations in feasibility assessments, market analysis, PACE application development, center development, service expansions, and capabilities scaling and diversification. ATI brings its best-in-class analytics, business strategy, and policy expertise to each client engagement to maximize results and reach.

Working in partnership with Gong, Tina Hansen Pickett, Director, will lead PACE advisory services at ATI. Pickett brings her expertise in research and advisory services, federal policymaking, value-based payment, and program operations to support organizations who are looking to establish or grow PACE in their service areas. “ATI has a long history of advising PACE clients on opportunities for diversifying their capabilities in non-PACE platforms, such as in Medicare Advantage,” said Pickett. “We are pleased to expand to serve the entire spectrum of PACE organizational need.”

Often considered as the “gold standard” in community-based integrated care, PACE’s individualized care model has shown positive outcomes, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. PACE is a fully integrated, comprehensive care model available to frail older adults aged 55 and older who require a nursing home level of care but choose to remain living in the community. The provider-led, fully-capitated PACE model is organized around an adult day care center and provides the entire continuum of medical care and long-term services and supports for all participants.

“PACE delivers the care that each of us would want for a parent or any loved one,” said Tyler Cromer, Principal and Head of the Medicare Innovation Practice. “ATI is now better positioned to support existing and prospective PACE Organizations in delivering comprehensive, person-centered care to more seniors. As we prepare for the nearly 50 percent growth in the over-65 population in the coming decades, PACE is a proven program that helps people get the care they deserve in the setting of their choice.”

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