Ariège: the CGT denounces a critical situation in nursing homes managed by Chiva

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Written by Doug Hampton

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Absence of night nurses or coordinating doctor, lack of training for certain staff, shared night call project between 9 Ehpad: the situation is getting even worse in the Ehpad managed by Chiva, denounces the CGT of the hospital Ariège.

The towel is once again burning between the staff of the Ehpad de Bellissen and Bariol, and the management of Chiva which manages these establishments. During a press conference organized on May 16, the CGT thus pointed to “a degraded situation which makes our establishments the Orpéa of the public service”, as expressed by Grégory Bonis, deputy secretary of the union. A situation that is all the less acceptable, underlines the trade unionist, as financial envelopes have been collected, which have been “sent into the hole” in order to make up for the deficit. “We refuse to cut Toulouse sausage in three so that everyone can eat,” he storms again.

Nurse at the Ehpad du Bariol de Pamiers, Joséphine denounces the lack of training of hospital service agents (ASH), who are increasingly employed as “acting” caregivers (AS), up to occupying 50% posts. A letter would have been sent to the management of Chiva in early May on this subject, without response to date.

Nurses day and night

Another glaring problem is the absence of night nurses, and even the lack of day nurses. “The positions exist, but they are not filled and we do self-replacement by starting earlier and ending later,” says the young woman.

At Bellissen as at Bariol, the staff launched an indefinite strike notice on May 12, 2022. A year later, it has still not been lifted. “Families who put their elders in the structures are promised medical care 24 hours a day, this is not the case, assures a nurse from the establishment. The work is passed on to the day nurses, the workload is enormous and we are constantly called back on our days off.

According to the union, the management of Chiva is planning to create a pooled night call which, once again, would weigh on the day nurses. A nurse would thus manage, initially remotely, the requests not only from Chiva nursing homes, but also from seven other nursing homes, for 778 residents divided between Ax-les-Thermes, Bélesta, Tarascon, Lavelanet, Laroque-d’Olmes, Foix and Pamiers.

“Unacceptable” sorting between residents

“For us, this project will lead to a tragic situation, criticizes Grégory Bonis. A single nurse for as many patients, sites, video? If there are three people at the same time, what choice will she make if she has to move? Currently, we do 15 and the first question is the age of the resident, which leads to delays in care. We have an aging population and we are being asked to sort it out, that is unacceptable. And all the more so as more and more often, the people who come are medically dependent.

Absence of a coordinating doctor, too short time for toilets and meals, plan to authorize night care aides to administer certain drugs – a role reserved for nurses – so many more points which the director general of the ARS would also have been seized. But for the union, it is up to departmental and regional elected officials to take up the issue: “They must find solutions to protect the population. Speeches are enough, we need action.”

Contacted by La Dépêche, the management of Chiva should give some answers in a few days.

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