Apollo Hospitals Eliminates 2,90,000 Tons of Carbon with Smart Joules, Strengthening India’s Decarbonization Efforts

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Written by Doug Hampton

NEW DELHI, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Apollo Hospitals, the world’s largest vertically integrated healthcare provider, has joined hands with Smart Joules to reduce carbon emissions by an astounding 2,90,000 tons, bolstering India’s efforts to decarbonize. This ten-year initiative spans 18 hospitals across the nation and leverages the ground-breaking JoulePAYS solution by Smart Joules for energy-efficient cooling, heating, ventilation and automation.

India, a global leader in climate action, pledged to attain net-zero emissions by 2070 at COP26, reducing total projected carbon emissions by a billion tonnes by 2030. The country’s ambitious decarbonization agenda aims to establish a 500 GW non-fossil energy capacity by 2030. Policies such as India’s climate change strategy, decarbonization goals, and the Energy Conservation Amendment Bill aim to minimise energy waste, enhance efficiency, and regulate consumption. Given that cooling energy demand is projected to rise by 2.2 times by 2027, energy-efficient strategies could potentially curb demand by 17% over the next decade, as per the Indo-German Energy Forum.

JoulePAYS, a pay-as-you-save solution from Smart Joules, is designed for retrofitting existing buildings and factories. It promises clients substantial energy savings at zero investment, with part of the savings shared with Smart Joules. This unique approach allows businesses to pursue profitable climate action and de-risks energy efficiency decision-making by providing profit assurance.

Within just four months of integration of the JoulePAYS solution into Apollo Hospitals’ infrastructure, 235 energy conservation measures have been put into action, resulting in a forecasted savings of over 235 million kWh and INR 2 billion by 2030.

Dr K Hariprasad, President, Apollo Hospitals said, “Apollo Hospitals has always been committed to providing world-class healthcare services to our patients, while also being mindful of our environmental impact. By adopting Smart Joules’ innovative JoulePAYS solution, we have been able to optimise our cooling, heating, ventilation, and automation systems across our hospitals, significantly saving energy without compromising on any aspect of patient experience. This is a win-win situation for us, our patients, and the planet. We hope that our initiative will inspire other healthcare providers to join us in this green revolution.”

Arjun P. Gupta, CEO of Smart Joules, affirmed the company’s commitment to assisting India’s business sector in achieving sustainable development goals and energy efficiency, thereby contributing to the nation’s decarbonization targets.

“By 2030, we aim to help reduce 29 million tons of carbon emissions. Our collaboration with Apollo Hospitals can be traced back to 2018. Their trust in expanding our work across all of the largest hospitals in their portfolio demonstrates our leadership in delivering real energy savings on ground through a mix of technology innovations and simple-to-adopt business models. We are looking to offer similar zero-investment, zero-risk and guaranteed savings offerings to other leading Indian businesses who want to cut costs and carbon emissions across their entire portfolio of facilities under a single contract,” stated Gupta.

For more information on Smart Joules and their solutions, please visit www.smartjoules.co.in.

About Smart Joules:

Smart Joules is a social enterprise aiming to establish India as the world’s most energy-efficient nation by 2030. Committed to preventing the release of at least 29 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2030, they offer retrofit solutions for energy-intensive systems sans capital expenditures. Their DeJoule technology platform deploys IoT systems and sensors to monitor and optimise facility performance in real-time, assuring substantial energy savings. Additionally, Smart Joules offers “as-a-service” solutions at greenfield sites, building, owning, operating, and maintaining infrastructure, receiving payments based on demand and usage. The team at Smart Joules comprises passionate, audacious green warriors dedicated to devising and implementing simple, substantial and profitable energy-saving solutions for clients.

About Apollo:

Apollo revolutionised healthcare when Dr Prathap Reddy opened the first hospital in Chennai in 1983. Today Apollo is the world’s largest vertically integrated healthcare platform with over 10,000 beds across 71 hospitals, 5,000 pharmacies and over 200 clinics and diagnostic centres as well as 150 telemedicine centres. It is the world’s leading cardiac centre with over 160,000 surgeries and the world’s largest private cancer care provider. Apollo continues to invest in research to bring the most cutting-edge technologies, equipment and treatment protocols to ensure patients have the best available care in the world. Our 100,000 employees are dedicated to bringing you the best care and leaving the world better than we found it.

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