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Written by Doug Hampton

America’s Best Wings is a leading American food franchise delivering different flavors of chicken wings and a range of other delicious foods to people across the globe. This franchise was started with the aim of enhancing the food experience of people by serving fresh and mouth-watering dishes. In this America’s Best Wings review, let us probe into all the important aspects of this franchise to see if it is legit and worth trying. 

Over the past few years, America’s Best Wings have become a part of many people’s daily food habits. For those who are unaware, America’s Best Wings is an established food franchise having physical stores in different parts of the world. And, this is a must-visit place for food explorers and bloggers. 

This America’s Best Wings review is penned down as a complete guide for all people who wish to know more about the franchise. As you go through the review, you will get to know about the man behind this food venture, its locations across the globe, rich, delicious, and innovative menu, customer reviews, pricing, and much more.

So, keep reading the review and learn everything about the journey and success of America’s Best Wings by Steve Kim. Also, see if this food franchise is worth a position in your list of next food destinations.

America’s Best Wings

NameAmerica’s Best Wings
FounderSteve Kim
Founded In2006
Number of Outlets120 outlets in 12 different states
Main Attractions🔹More than 30 flavors
🔹Franchises across the world
AwardsThe Bowie Blade-News Reader’s Choice 2015 award
Available InGrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats
Customer Ratings⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✩ (4.8/5)
Contact Info[email protected]
WebsiteClick Here

What is America’s Best Wings?

America’s Best Wings is an established food franchise founded by Steve Kim, who is the person behind the recipes of all the dishes they serve. This food franchise began its journey in 2006 and is bringing to the table a wide variety of foods, from chicken wings to salads, seafood to burgers, and wraps. According to the founder, America’s Best Wings will enhance each person’s food experience. 

It has been almost 16 years since America’s Best Wings has been serving great flavors. In 2012, Mohammed Karim joined as the Franchise owner. At present, America’s Best Wings runs approximately 120 locations across 12 different states. The menu is gigantic so that everyone has something that suits their taste buds. 

In the following sections, let us dive deeper into the whereabouts of America’s Best Wings. 

America’s Best Wings Founder and Franchise Owner

America’s Best Wings was founded in 2006 by Steven Kim. Across all the locations of this food franchise, the flavors used are the ones developed by the founder, Kim himself. In 2012, Mohammed Karim started franchising America’s Best Wings.

As of now, this food franchise has opened approximately 120 locations across 12 different states. Due to their great service, America’s Best Wings became the winner of The Bowie Blade-News Reader’s Choice 2015 award. 

America's Best Wings Food Franchise

America’s Best Wings Locations

America’s Best Wings started its journey in 2006 and, at present, they have franchises in 120 different locations across 12 different states. Here are some of the most important regions where America’s Best Wings is located and has won the hearts of many people:

  • Cedar Park Shopping Center in Vienna
  • Sudley Manor Drive in Manassas
  • Groffs Mill DR, Owings Mill
  • Georgia Ave, Silver Spring
  • Philadelphia
  • Texas
  • New Jersey
  • Towson
  • Atlanta
  • Alexandria
  • Norfolk
  • Annapolis Road
  • Accokeek
  • Baltimore
  • Bowie
  • Brook Road
  • Catonsville
  • Clinton Md
  • Cockeysville
  • Clayton
  • Dallas
  • Danville

These are some of the locations where America’s Best Wings has stores.

America’s Best Wings Menu

The America’s Best Wings menu is something that will get you finger-licking because so are the flavors listed on it. In any franchise of America’s Best Wings, you can select from a wide range of dishes ranging from hot chicken wings to delicious salads to burgers and wraps.

The menu includes dishes based on the tastes of each region. The main attraction of their menu is the chicken wings with more than 30 flavors. Here is the list of food items that you will get in almost all America’s Best Wings franchises across the world:

  • Different flavors and types of buffalo wings
  • Chicken tenders
  • Wraps
  • Premium subs like gyro, Philly, grilled chicken sub, Philly steak, Sub combo, steak and chicken, catfish, tilapia, shrimp and steak, shrimp and chicken, and grilled shrimp
  • Burgers
  • Seafood
  • House specials like gyro over rice, rice combo, burrito combo, chicken over rice only, shrimp over rice only, chicken burrito only, and shrimp burrito only
  • Shrimp
  • Premium salads like a garden salad, crispy chicken salad, grilled chicken salad, catfish salad, tilapia salad, and grilled shrimp salad
  • Side orders
  • Drinks

Among these, the star dish is the chicken wings, which include normal wings, boneless wings, and whole wings. These wings are one of the delectable desserts served by America’s Best Wings at affordable prices and with friendly service. 

America’s Best Wings Customer Reviews & Ratings

The real customer responses to America’s Best Wings are available on trusted websites like Tripadvisor. People have mentioned their favorites from the franchise and also the quality and friendly service.

As we went through America’s Best Wings reviews of each location of the franchise, they are all positive. The rating is above 4 and from this, America’s Best Wings by Steve Kim seems to be a legit franchise serving rich flavors. 

America's Best Wings customer reviews

America’s Best Wings Pricing

America’s Best Wings franchise was started by Steve Kim to deliver authentic flavors to people at affordable prices. At present, the franchise has opened 120 locations across 12 different states and the price of the dishes depends on the location.

In all the places, the price of chicken wings, wraps, salads, and all other dishes are affordable. This is why America’s Best Wings has earned the trust of millions of people, especially foodies. The pricing of each dish is listed on the official site of each location. As they are available on GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats, the menu will be given on these websites as well. 

How to Order from America’s Best Wings?

Ordering facilities for America’s Best Wings are available on most of the websites of the locations of the franchise. There are both carryout and delivery options available. If you want home delivery, you can opt for it through the website or even opt for the service of GrubHub, Doordash, or Uber Eats. These websites contain the details of all the dishes. You can choose the ones you want and the parcel will be delivered by any of these services. 

America’s Best Wings Contact Details

America’s Best Wings flavors have approximately 120 locations across 12 different states. The contact details of some of these stores are available on their respective websites. However, as per the official website of the franchise, you can contact them for clearing any queries or addressing your concerns at [email protected]

Final Thoughts

From the above-given information in America’s Best Wings reviews, it is evident why America’s Best Wings has become one of the leading food franchises in the United States. The customer responses are all positive and there is a special mention of the friendly service provided in all the stores of the franchise. 

The menu of America’s Best Wings is huge ranging from chicken wings to salads to wraps, and so on. The star item of the franchise is buffalo wings which come in different flavors and combos. Due to their quality service, America’s Best Wings has received The Bowie Blade-News Reader’s Choice 2015 award. 

As of now, there are approximately 120 different locations in 12 different states delivering rich flavors at affordable prices and in generous portions. Considering all these, America’s Best Wings seems to be an authentic food franchise serving authentic flavors developed by the Founder, Steve Kim. So, if you are in any of the locations of America’s Best Wings, remember that it is definitely worth a shot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the food items served at America’s Best Wings affordable?

America’s Best Wings is a food franchise that serves delicious non-vegetarian food in generous portions at affordable prices so that all people can enrich their food experience. 

Does America’s Best Wings have a home delivery service?

Yes. America’s Best Wings outlets offer home delivery services. You can now order any of the dishes through Uber Eats, Doordash, or GrubHub. 

Who is the founder of America’s Best Wings?

America’s Best Wings was founded by Steve Kim in 2006. The menu of this franchise has been developed by Kim himself and has authentic flavors. 

What are the main dishes served by America’s Best Wings?

As such, the menu is huge and some of the main dishes served include chicken wings, premium salads, wraps, burgers, and seafood. From any of the locations, you can order these items. 

How many outlets do America’s Best Wings have?

Currently, America’s Best Wings has opened around 120 outlets in 12 different states. Some of these are run by Steve Kim along with Mohammed Karim, the franchise owner.

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