After The Safety Of The NC Kids Was Assured The Amber Alert Was Canceled

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Written by Doug Hampton

Child abduction is the act of taking away, detaining, or hiding a child who is less than 16 years of age without the consent of the parent.  Child abduction is a punishable offense, even if it is committed by parents or families.  With the increasing number of child abduction cases worldwide, there are different stringent Child Abduction Laws in different countries. 

The impact of such abductions can be devastating both for the child as well as his/her family.  The consequences of such abductions may have life-threatening adverse effects on the abducted child, including physical and social stress, as well as mental stress.  Child abduction may often be mistaken as kidnapping, though both are different.  Punishments for child abduction may be a prison and/or a hefty fine.

The Amber Alert Was Canceled After The NC toddlers confirmed safe

Amber Alert or child abduction emergency alert is an alert issued by the United States whose primary goal is to create awareness among the general public once a child has been reported to be abducted. 

After The Safety Of The NC Kids Was Assured The Amber Alert Was Canceled

The alerts are conveyed through radio stations, television stations, e-mail, social media, text messages, etc.  In some cases, they are also displayed on electronic billboards and other alerting mechanisms to grasp the attention of the common public quickly.  Information conveyed in the alerts includes the name and description of the abducted child and may also include information about the abductor.  Such an alert is usually issued by the local and state police in consultation with law enforcement and the media.  

There are as many as 82 Amber Alert plans in the USA alone, with different states of the USA implementing different plans.  Ever since the implementation of Amber Alert, more than a thousand children have been rescued.

Many child abduction cases are not reported. The first Amber Alert dates back to 1996 when 9-year-old Amber Hagerman was abducted and murdered under mysterious circumstances.

A recent Amber Alert issued by Greensboro Police Department for 2 toddlers, aged 4 and 2, has been canceled after the parent confirmed the children to be safe.  The alert had been issued after the mother complained to the police that her kids had been abducted by their father and uncle.  Investigations are ongoing by the Police Department, even though the alert has been canceled.  

Once a child is abducted, families suspect abductors to be strangers, but most child abductors have been proven to be closely related to the family rather than someone unknown to the child.  Family abductions account for more than half of the abduction cases worldwide as opposed to stranger abductions.  Reasons for child abduction may be divorce or separation, money extortion, revenge, and even ego between families. 

It is the responsibility of the parents never to let their younger kids alone. Parents should educate and caution their school-going children about such abductions. Kids should be taught not to rely on strangers or accept gifts or chocolates from strangers. 

Parents should adopt a more friendly approach towards their kids so that kids can speak freely to the parents about their day-to-day happenings. Kids are often lured by fancy or attractive items they will not prefer to refuse like chocolates or toys. The guardians or caretakers must nurture the child in such a way that child should refrain from accepting such gifts either from strangers or relatives.

The role of babysitters and caretakers in a few cases also cannot be ruled out where they facilitate the abductors to easily access the child without their parents. The loss of a child for any parent is greater than the loss of their own life, and hence the parents should always be alert and aware of their child’s move to avoid repenting after the incident of abduction. 

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