A psychiatric patient tried for having assaulted several Lot caregivers

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Written by Doug Hampton

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This Friday morning, the Cahors Criminal Court looked into the case of a young 23-year-old patient who attacked, insulted and threatened to kill caregivers and educators at the Cahors hospital, at the solidarity house. , Ahis and Camille Miret.

The caregivers in the department know her well. They have been accompanying CM for years, a young patient with a very battered life who suffers from personality disorders, placed under guardianship. A 23-year-old Lotoise who is sometimes out of control, like on September 26 when she was hospitalized at the Camille Miret institute in Leyme. The tone rises as she talks to a nurse in the yard. The patient thinks her appointment has been cancelled, it’s a bit confusing. “You got annoyed and yelled I will kill them all. Then you punched the nurse in the back and then kicked another nurse on the thigh, “said the president of the court facing the defendant this Friday morning at the Cahors court. A psychologist who tries to intervene is also the victim of beatings Panicked, the nurses lock themselves in an office to take shelter but CM intends to join them and attacks the door with reinforcements of kicks.

Yes, CM has violent outbursts. Like last October 10, when it struck two educators from the Department on the premises of the Maison des solidarités départementales. Again, she explains that she is “tired because she has not taken her treatment”, reports the president of the court. Then, on November 9, she attacks two employees of the Ahis where she is placed in emergency accommodation. Here she breaks a fan, chairs and door leaves, tries to strangle one of them and kicks the other. The police must intervene and use their tasers on the accused. The structure will be closed for two half-days: the employees attacked have more than five days of ITT. On November 9, she did it again at the Cahors hospital where, in crisis and entrenched in a room, she broke a cupboard, a medical bed and threatened the staff.

“Criminal irresponsibility”

At the helm, this Friday morning, the moment is painful. She breathes heavily and says, very low: “I want to apologize, I was not well”. The defendant has been hospitalized since November 10. “She has always been in need of care”, wishes to specify her guardian. But this audience and this room full is too much for her. The accused will not attend the rest of the proceedings. The director of Camille Miret speaks: “Caregivers are not there to be beaten up”. Me Céline Branco who defends an educator instructor from Ahis insists: “Her head hit the ground, at the time of the strangulation, she had a near-death experience, she is deeply traumatized and owes her salvation to her four colleagues who were able to subdue the attacker”. The educator was arrested for two and a half months but has since returned to work “with a lump in her stomach”. For one of the agents of the Department who is a civil party, Me Catherine Pedoussaut points out that her “client has returned to work since January 3 and part-time therapy so much she is still in shock”.

The problem is that the troublemaker is also the troublemaker. But for the prosecutor, who cites the report of psychiatric experts, “she was declared responsible for her actions despite her borderline pathology”. He asks for four months in prison fully accompanied by a probationary suspension for three years. “I know what she suffered in her youth but today the priority is on care and on this feeling of impunity which must end”, he adds. Me Aurélie Smagghe who defends the accused is angry: “She has nothing to do at the bar of a court, I ask for complete criminal irresponsibility. The solution is that she joins a Unit for difficult patients, moreover, it is his wish”. She continues: “At the time of her acting out, she had just been rejected by her mother, had no more accommodation and no longer took her medication, she is capable of violent herself”. The deliberation will be delivered on July 6.

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